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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lebo Mashile lambasted unnatural hair – forgetting the dye on her own hair

Lebo Mashile with her "FREE" Chemical hair
Tuesday: A popular investigative show 3rd Degree that premiers on etv has failed to bring its viewers, a point, a problem and a solution. Instead they kept on exposing what they think is wrong about unnatural hair. I honestly don’t see what was there to investigate at all… Telling us they don’t know how the hair is accumulated from these Indian women – it was going to be interesting if you went to find out if they were attacked or not!

Lebogang 'Lebo' Mashile (etv channel presenter - Great Expectations) is known for being natural to herself – failure is how she spoke about unnatural hair as if she did not dye her hair (None wrong with dye of course). We cannot have such hypocrisy or maybe the sun burnt her, who knows? It's her natural hair - but the fact remains dye is not natural, unless she's a blonde.

The Twitter Netizens went on lambasting at Debora Patta, that if she can host a show about people’s choice of hair – she might as well host one about brown vs white bread.  Some people expressed their feelings about Lebo and her issues with their hair, “It’s enough, now the orange lady has something to say about our hair…”

MaBlerh (Blogger) tweeted, “By the way, how come nobody added that even white people use hair extensions for “Volume”. It has nothing to do with Blackness.” Chriselda Lewis (SABC TV Journalist) also followed with her Tweet, "I will weave my hair until the second coming of Christ!"

Khaya Dlanga (Columnist) also tweeted, "I have a dream, that one day, black women will not be judged by the contents on their heads but by the content of their character."

Happy: Bonang Matheba with her unnatural hair.
There’s none wrong with Bonang Matheba defending her choice of hair and if she’s comfortable with it – then no one should worry about it. It is so sad that the “So natural” like Lebo Mashile express their views on unnatural hair only when she’s comfortable to live with her natural. Wake up sister and let the new generation explore what you didn’t really explore during your time.

As for 3rd Degree you’ve lost the sense of bringing us investigative journalism – I am sure Cutting Edge was going to tackle the hair issue better than what you did.

What people choose to do with their hair has nothing with being an African – I am shocked that etv can bring us such a stereotypical show flooded with uninformed opinion and perceptions. What more should we expect? Please, let people do what they love and comfortable with – it is not like you’re paying for it.

Being Eurocentric minded does not change your identity of being an African – unless you’re stereotyped like the likes of Lebo Mashile who turn their opinions about being natural to ‘facts.’

Who died of unnatural hair? If you're happy with it - go with your freedom of choice, it's your money after all...

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