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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

GoTv Channel Confused music video of the week: Unathi "Kwa Nolali"

Unathi GO re-work the concept of 'Kwa-Nolali' please dear!

Traditional Xhosa Bride and  Groom
I don't know whether I am confused, which is which between a traditional Xhosa and Zulu attire? I beg to differ - The concept of Kwa-Nolali music video by Unathi is confusing instead of showing Xhosa men in their traditional attire she shows us Zulu men. Should have had sang the whole song in Zulu so that the whole idea matches. Talking about traditional Xhosa beer (Umqombothi) while lacking a complete Xhosa concept in her music video. The fact that she's dressed too modern as well plays a role... Many are the days or ceremonies that Xhosa attire is confused with the traditional Zulu attire. Is it because the Zulu people embrace their attire more than the Xhosa do?


Xhosa Groom and Bride
We needed to see more of the Xhosa attire like ‘Imibhaco’ or ‘Izikhakha’ and not bring us a Xhosa concept flooded with Zulu attire – you’re misleading young children on how the two really differ. How do you sing that, ‘Kuyatshatwa kwa-Nolali’ and 'Kuyagidwa'  while showing us a Zulu bride and groom? Honestly you need to go back to your roots and it was going to be at least an effort to go back home and ask what is the correct traditional attire. Or maybe to you Xhosa bridal scenes were not the best to use? Maybe thus you sang in Xhosa and use Zulu bridal scenes to embrace culture? I think narration of any story should match with its scenes or characters...

The only thing you managed to get right is the lyrics and showing of 'Umbheka-phesheya' (Traditional Xhosa smoking-pipe) - other than that, you failed the concept of showing your own culture.

Please go re-work the concept of 'Kwa-Nolali' - otherwise whoever designed your dress s/he made a killer or rather an awesome design for a modern music video that was supposed to show the happenings of a Xhosa society as per the lyrics...

The fact that you titled the song/music video 'Kwa-Nolali' clearly states that you were targeting Xhosa and not all Nguni speaking people. The word(s) 'Ilali or Ezilalini' refers to Xhosa society or rather community and not the other-way around.

Otherwise big-ups for coming up with such a nice lyrical content - only if you did not confuse it in the music video. Great song indeed!

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