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Monday, June 25, 2012

FIFA needs to wake up and smell the coffee – technology is here to be utilized

Goal or no goal? Technology can answer that!

It happened again, as I’m writing this article I’m still confused and wondering what is FIFA waiting for, of course to introduce goal line technology in soccer. We have so many incidents where goals are disallowed or given wrongly. Referees are also humans, and they make mistakes, so small screens can assist them big time, just like they do in Rugby and Cricket, so what stopping soccer?

Last Tuesday Ukraine was denied a clear goal against England which could have been decisive to them qualifying, but they are home as we speak. Chelsea’s Juan Matta goal was given against Tottenham in FA Cup semi-final, which clearly didn’t cross the line-Chelsea went on to win the game 5-1 and eventually the Cup. Frank Lampard was denied a crucial equalizer against Germany in the 2010 World cup; they ended up loosing the game and knocked out of the tournament. 

These are just some of the incidents that have hit our game, so why still FIFA haven’t introduced the technology to help the referees? I think it's long overdue now-it happened in World cups, EUROPEAN Cup and all over the top leagues around the world. FIFA’s slogan is “fair play” so is there a fair play with wrong decisions?  I don’t think so, I think FIFA should stop being dictators and do what is best for the game-goal line technology. 

Yes it will take sometime of the game, but it's better than costing the other team unfairly. Everybody prepares hard to win games, but only for wrong decisions to cost them in the end. Coaches lose their job because of goals! Small screens can easily extract the solution for the game. Seeing players disjointed after they gave all in a match, but a wrong decision took a game away from them, unfairly. 
After Tuesday episode Mr Blatter was quoted saying goal line technology is now a ‘necessity’. But for me, it's time to do it than to analyze and discuss it, it's long overdue now. Why after each and every game we should discuss about a goal that should have or haven’t? Instead of praising a brilliant play by one of the players? 

At the Rugby time is stopped for a TMO (Television Match Official) to verify a decision, yes I agree momentum is lost but in the end a correct and fair decision is taken. A team lost, loss fairly so as a winner. It's the way to go Mr Blatter-small screens are the way to go-if not, then come 2014 in Brazil, we’ll be talking about the same incidents happening again. It's time for action now, if FIFA is serious about ‘fair game’. The answer is about technology… It’s up to you FIFA…

Till next time…

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