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Friday, June 8, 2012

Column: The harebrained folks on twitter are the ones with the slightest followers

It must be hard to be new on Twitter these days. Everyone is doing crazy things to get attention, and you really have to compete to get noticed. Well, not nice to be on social networks any longer, just because of the people swearing at Celebrities just to be socially accepted. Twitter is becoming one of the ugliest social networks I ever came across. Yeah, why let Celebrities have all the fun? As we speak, they (Bullies) are busy tweeting hogwash to others. It is no longer and was never funny to tweet gibberish just to be noticed.

Thanks to Twitter that the characters are limited, imagine a person tweets your whole history before you even block them. Anyhow his/her followers will see the tweets and check you out. I don’t wanna sound like I am running in high heels; then again I am allowed to share my opinion. I have a question, ‘What do you call a person who tweets you claptrap?’ And only to find out they were wrong, a ‘fool?’

Twitter is not a platform for you to think you’re better than everyone, of course, by using vulgar language and getting silly. I always tell myself, how you position yourself will always matter. With the above being well said, I tend to ignore foolish beings/strangers. Not that I see myself better than you but I am enhanced indeed, for the fact that this column incriminates you. 

It would be na├»ve to pretend that most of the people on Twitter are not rude and lack self control. But is it possible to be brutally honest without perpetuating a silly-stereotyped debate? Not on Twitter, apparently, who wastes a second without Re-tweeting or holding a red marking pen to correct your tweet? However, that does not mean your correction is legit, or that you’re above us all on Twitter, to such an extent that you don’t have a clue that your tweet is exposing stupidity out of you.

I am not an asinine person of any sorts, but I can be, especially when pushed to the edge. I am going to use this opportunity to express my hatred to twitter bullies. We should bear in mind that everyone is born with the ability to mislay respect, but then again, it depends on what kind of a person you’re and how do you position yourself when using public-global platforms.

Have you ever noticed? Obviously you did, the harebrained folks on twitter are the ones with the slightest followers. Yeah, because they want to be accepted, they don’t know how to engage with others, it’s their first time on twitter, they lack the ability to think, they probably never set a foot in University and finally, they don’t care to respect or earn it.

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Thank you with much RESPECT

Buchule Raba
GoXtra News Ed

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