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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Column: Bafana Bafana won at last-has Komphela also won?

South Africa has finally broken their 8 games winning less run, when they beat poor Gabon 3-0. It was Steve Komphela’s second game in charge, as a caretaker coach following Pitso’s sacking. So the big question, has this win given him the edge over other four contesters selected? Of course the other four are, Shakes Mashaba, Neil Tovey, Gavin Hunt and hot favorite Gordon Ingesund.

For me it’ll be perplexing if the win puts Steve on the driving seat, it will be unfair to the other four men, as they haven’t got the chance to be caretaker coaches, so what ground will they’ll be majored? Maybe if they were given a chance too, well, they could have done the same. With all being said and done, my million dollar will always be bet on ‘MR League” Gordon Ingesund.

He won the League five times, with 4 different teams, including poor Santos and Rangers, so why is he not the one? Everybody seen what he has done to Moroka Swallows, in the space of 24 months-he turns them from the relegation battle to championship number one contester, last season pushing Pirates till the last eight minutes of the season, so why not SAFA give him the chance? In-fact is long overdue.

Gavin has won 3 PSL titles with Supersports back to back,  Steve is in and around-to be honest, he is a good planner and motivator, but he has not won anything or wonk in a pressure job-like at Chiefs or Pirates. Not much to say about Tovey as a coach, except winning the league with Sundowns. Shakes, I think he is the one who deserve a look in-but no way can he topple Gordon, what has he won? Which big team that he has lead successfully?

So for me if SAFA utilize anybody but not “MR League”, then mark my words, we are going no where fast. Ingesund is the best coach we have in the country by a long way. A good motivator and results manufacture, he works with any kind of a player and bring the best out of them-look at old Nomvete and forgotten David Mathebula. So why will he fail to produce those magic in Bafana shirt?

The ball is on your wedged SAFA, employ Gordon and off we go-ignore him, then in less than 24 months the new recruit will be gone-mark my poetry. Get him in there and let him restructure the whole technical team, rope in people like Rhoo, Tovey, Shakes etc. A country needs a big pool of ideas to succeed, just like they do in Rugby and Cricket. SAFA follow Rugby and Cricket strategies…

If it's not Gordon Ingesund, then SAFA will be hiring and sacking in no time and Bafana will keep toning to the deep end… Let’s wait for the new coach announcement South Africa, ASAP.

Till next time…

It's always looks impossible until its done” Fanele “thenatureboy” Mbuyazi

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