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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Venomous comments spewed on popular social network as Generations’ gay pair broke up yesterday

Senzo and Jason

South Africa – Volcanic comments erupted yesterday on the well-liked social network (Facebook), due to the break-up of a gay pair on Generations a local soapie that premiers on SABC 1 Mzansi Fo Sho. The break-up of the pair saw Thami Mngqolo who plays the gay Senzo Zondo who broke up with Zolani Xaluva better known as Jason Malinga turning to Zenande Mfenyana better known as the little devilish Xhosa girl Noluntu Memela, for comfort.

 “How can he turn to Noluntu, these people need research about homosexuals. Generations’ is a joke…” The above comment suggested that he should have turned to another man instead of a female. Pity their relationship was the most or rather say a good one that portrayed lies about the real homosexuals as another update spewed venom, “From the beginning I saw this primary school sketch as they lacked to show how real homosexuals change from relationship to relationship and the way they bamboozle and siesta around.”

Zenande Mfenyana
“Get over your bloody selves, Generations is fictional, it is not based on your real life story, I am not a traitor even if so can you spot the not give a f**k button and press it, Geez!” This is one of the comments that caught my attention to the ceiling because it clearly shows that the commentator is lost when it comes to Generations – in that case the soapie changes with real life situations or better say changes with generations and it should show that.

Another user punched back in retort to the above comment, “Then why did you just give a f**k? People don’t talk about what they don’t care for. You obviously don’t live in a world of bigots and it’s easy for you to dismiss the crap that’s happening on Generations. Come to my world!”

The above hell of fire discharged when a user updated, “Clearly people have no lives, to get so excited about Generations really? Bet you it’s still those who don’t have cable mxm. People are saving the world, breaking grounds and doing great things. All you can get excited about is the shitty sketch Generations, small things and small minds.”

Some took this and made it a joke, “If you’re gay and you want to be straight sms Noluntu to 31515. SMS rates are R1.50, Ts and Cs Apply.”

Those who are against homosexuals saw the move by Senzo as the ever wonderful move that was scripted on Mfundi Mvundla’s production – Mfundi who was driving Dorothy Masuka at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, April.

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