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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thor present their first fashion show Gothia The Launch, Joburg Theatre Saturday

Thor in their respect for creativity and ensuring growth in young talent will be hosting their first fashion show Gothia The Launch on Saturday 19th May, Joburg Theatre.

The designer label’s name is Gothia a place where Goths used to live – they are an extinct German natives, like African “Hottentots.” As extinct as the Goths are, Gothic fashion has always been seen as demonic and satanic. The fashion will be exhibiting how a native Goth would dress in a modern day South Africa; not the “Demonic and dark style.”

Mathakha Musehane and Muwanu Mahamba (Thor) being interested in historic names, architecture and the origins of cultures found it very sad how names of the native communities can be linked with satanic religion. Through their garments they want to correct that perception of Goths in peoples’ minds. The bid is to make sure that Goths are known for who they were and their role in history.

Thor has invited five (3) more designers to be showcasing on the night, and they are Dust – Chrizaan Keyser, Knit with Buttons and Penny Grass. There will also be accessories by Lady Plum Creations and Hot.n.Tots.

Unlike other fashion shows, Gothia the fashion show is about giving exposure to young and striving designers for the fashion industry and clients to take note of their crafts.  Thor has amongst other things seen the trials by young designers and decided to give them the platform to get the recognition they deserve.

Mathakha and Muwanu see themselves as historic revivers introducing a historic brand into our modern day society. Their aim is to eliminate the struggle of young designers ending up following different career paths because of the lack of recognition in their respective industries.

Fashion Show(s)

Thor will host a total of two (2) fashion shows annually in the following format:

Autumn/Winter Show and the Spring/Summer show. These fashion shows will showcase creations from up-coming fashion designers, hand bags and accessory designers, make-up artists, models, photographers and hair stylists.  

What we as Thor aim to achieve is to develop a platform where all the above mentioned young professionals can showcase their creative talents to their direct target market audience. Through these shows, the young professionals will have an opportunity to interact directly with potential business prospects, potential clients and other professionals in their career fields.   

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