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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gothia the Launch emerged victorious as the night sank in

Design by Gothia

Joburg Theatre - as anticipated last week Saturday Thor Events presented their very initial fashion show, Gothia the Launch. It was 19:00 PM (Local time) when we arrived at the event and people started to pour in as the launch was for 20:00 PM – 21:00 PM. The event started and ended at scheduled times.

The chief designer of the show was Gothia, “A brand named after a place where Goths used to live – Goths are extinct and where a rebellious Germanic natives, like our African Hottentots.” During the night or rather say Gothia is exhibiting how a native Goth would in a modern day South Africa. The brand is represented and owned by Thor Events, a company by Muwanu Mahamba and Mathakha Musehane.

As the models entered the stage – one could certify Gothia as the next whopping clothing or better said designer label that is going to flourish in the fashion industry, of course with support. Their style and fabric is something that you can wear very comfortably appearing very stylish and simple for a modern day Goth or those interested in Goths’ fashion panache.

The next designer to showcase was Dust by Chrizaan Keyser, this is an awe-inspiring label that is shaped by what we love. “Dust is all about being unique, comfortable and having the Jeneseque of being a lady.” The collection that was showcased involved quite a mysterious element; bringing in a melancholic and dark side then it was contrasted by light, peaceful and angelic influence.

As the night went on they kept us in suspense as the next designer Penny Grass went on to showcase, wow finally we saw gentlemen swag. The label is dedicated to delivering the most relaxing designer garments to the “Urban man,” who leaves nothing to change when it comes to communicating his personal style, creativity and individuality using his clothing. Penny Grass says, “All finishes and trims are handcrafted to ensure that a high standard of quality and maximum strength as well as the longevity of each of our products is achieved.”

Penny Grass
Talking about sophisticated fashion style, these designers in supporting Gothia went all out not to disappoint the label but go with the unique style of designer Gothia, bearing in mind most of them are students.

Knit with Buttons
Knit with buttons by Ronel Conradie showcased an awesome and fashionable garments on stage and which kept the cameras on. “Knit with buttons caters for those with a different take on life, where fashion is art and where mainstream is there to make you look unique.” Ronel says the range the above with a combination of texture, textiles and sources – these being old check shirts and fabrics bought but never used. It plays with a quirky autumn colour palette, different silhouettes and is completely interchangeable. And that was the very last designer to showcase at Gothia the Launch.

“I feel very proud, it’s a point of success for Thor because started off with no sponsorship, no financial support externally even from people in the industry. The only support we had from the industry was the presence of Thuli Zulu.” Said Musehane, he feels more proud about their success as they were showcasing young or better said up and coming designers.

“I anticipated success like when we started organising the show and speaking about what we going to do for the show we actually had some doubts, but through our belief we told ourselves you know what this is going to be a success and it has become such,” said Mahamba, who appeared very happy and overwhelmed about the night.

Mahamba continued to say that their designs are influenced by the Gothic era, an era which people used to use simple material in designing their garments, so they actually took their designs and revolutionized them, “We made them better.”  
Speaking with Thuli Zulu television, radio personality and an entrepreneur, this is what she had to say about the event, “Today I think it was a great success for the Thor Gothia launch and I think it’s a great initiative for incubating young up and coming talent from across the board, from design to photography, interior design and jewellery making.”

She saw this very unique for a change to be able to incorporate different art mediums into one show, as we would usually go to these shows separately, in a nutshell she saw the incorporation by Thor Events as a wise one.

From the fashion show Thuli Zulu took, “Innovation, courage, creativity, the new South Africa because of the mixture of races within the show and the uniqueness of the whole event.”

Jewellery was supplied and designed by Lady Plum Creations by Nonto Khanyile and Make-up by Ebony and Ivory Salon.

Their next fashion show is whispered during September which will feature both female and male models. To keep updated with their events click here.

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