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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Down and out but Chelsea prevail Bayern toothless

With over 40 thousand spectators all cheering the home side, with the sea of red all over Allianz Arena in Munich, all seems in place for Bayern to lift their fifth Champions League title. And when Mario Gomez scored 8 minutes from time, Champions were written all over them, but Didier Drogba had other ideas.

Drogba forced an equaliser for Chelsea to vigour an extra time, and went on to score the decisive penalty in the shout out to win Chelsea their maiden Champions League title. Sadly though, it was his last contribution on Chelsea’s colours as he announced this week that he’s leaving Stamford Bridge, after flourishing eight years. At least he has left on a high note, maybe its Fernando Torres turn now to sparkle. But, was this triumph good enough for interim manager Roberto Di Matteo to get the nod from Roman Abramovich?

Personally I think it’s a win-win situation for Chelsea. Who’ll forget when interim manager Avram Grant was in charge in 2008, he did a marvellous job, taking them to their first ever Champions League Final, but when he was given the job full time, it was a disaster. To top it all Di Matteo is winning but “ugly” Chelsea are playing too defensively, waiting to counter attack it has worked for him, but Roman want an entertaining football. So what do you do with this situation?

Abramovich roped in Adrea Villas Boas because he wanted him to make Chelsea play like ‘Barcelona’ he failed and he sacked him, so in terms of football on the pitch, why would he employ Di Matteo with that king of football? If he dose, then they will be no justice to AVB. Glad I am not the one to make that call, but if I was, then Matteo and assistance position was going to be a perfect equivalent for my liking.

Sadly, football season has come to an end but EURO 2012 is up next for football lovers. It’s was an unforgettable campaign in the world of football. Lionel Messi scored over 70 goals in a season inconceivable; Real also back to their winning ways, City win the EPL after 44 years. For once Manchester United helpless. Football season that have it all, August here we came again, starting all over once more.

Till next time…

Its always looks impossible until its done” Fanele “thenatureboy” Mbuyazi!

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