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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Could this be the turning point and new era in English Football Again?

With just one last round in English Premiership to go Manchester giants are both tied at the summit of the EPL on 86 points. But it’s the Blue half of Manchester who is more smiling due to their superior goal difference advantage of plus 61-8 more than their greatest rivalry’s, United. City brushed aside Newcastle 2-0 while United equalized that against QPR over the weekend.

It has been a long hard painful 44 years for the Blue side of Manchester as they watch the Red side clinched 19 League titles. With 5 games to go and the Red Devils 8 points clear everyone tip them to do it again with ease, except Roberto Mancini, who kept hope and belief that it is not over until the fat lady calls it over. He lived his words-today they are top with just 90 minutes to go in their season.

But one thing for sure with Alex Ferguson men they know how to come back when it matters the most. Chelsea cleaned them out in 2004/05 season, when they win the title with ease two years later, United were back in business until now. So you can be rest assured United won’t fade down and out yet; they will fight until they prevail.

It seems as if the recipe to win EPL is to win your 6 points against United-then you are on your way. When City crashed The Red Devils 6-1 at Old Trafford the writing was on the wall, the beginning of new era in EPL. No one has ever enjoyed that success over the greatest of the greatest Sir Alex let alone at “the theatre of dreams” Roberto Mancini’s men walk off Manchester flying high and began that magical afternoon.

The big question though remains, if City as expected wins the EPL, will they maintain the standard next season with United gunning back? New look Chelsea also challenge what they believe is theirs? Arsenal and Tottenham are also competing. City showed they can’t cope with playing in UEFA Champions League and challenging for the League at the same time this season, so how will they approach that next season?

But don’t count the chickens before they hatch! Strange things have happed on the last days before. Chelsea failed to win the title at Goodson Park and United won it. Ajax Cape Town last season also failed to win at home to lift PSL and Pirates won it. Pirates were thrashed 5-1 by Cosmos in1995 who needed just a point to win the League. So not now City, hold on.

It would be great though for City to win it, they worked ever so hard this season for the title. This will bring new era in English Football, as we will have 2 Manchester and London clubs in Arsenal and Chelsea fighting it out next season with the likes of Tottenham, Liverpool and Newcastle also amongst the mix, no wonder they called it the greatest league of all, I agree.

Let me love and leave you for now looking forward to the weekend we certainly wish Manchester all the best on EPL judgement day. But we don’t know whether it will be Blue or Red half celebrating but Manchester will be celebrating. Let Ferguson buy Mancini Champaign and let them enjoy as they did too, 19 times and counting. Come May 13, we are waiting!

“Remember it’s always look impossible until it’s done”     Written by Fanele ’thenatureboy’ Mbuyazi.

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