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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Annoyed: Camagwini’s next album to be titled ‘Hlala Kwabafileyo’

As usual yesterday went rather as a kick in the teeth as I was minding celebrity business on Twitter, of course to get a tweet beat. I got shocked to my grave when I saw a tweet from Kuli Roberts as she tweeted, “RIP #Camagwini.” As ever divisive I thought it is one of her Nomakula recipes – like the one she once apologised for, commit to memory about the coloureds? I am sure being so egocentric she was disappointed to be among the crowd who tweeted the so called death.

I was snooping and got more curious when people started to tweet her death as it kind of reminded me of how they tweeted about Brown Dash, whom according to a story on Sunday World, “Died sitting on the bones of his ass.” She indeed made history yesterday as she trended for the very first time in her entire career and here I thought maybe she died in a car accident as she was never on the news about being off-colour.

People tweeted about the huge loss in the music industry and I kept on asking myself if we are going to lie and say everyone is a huge loss in the music scene even if their music died years ago? I am certain that the cousin rumoured to have started the foolish spectacular act made a serious typo as s/he wanted to announce the death of her music.

I don’t want to sound obscure but maybe to her fans she was going to be a huge loss but not to the entire industry, Zahara can be a huge loss not her. She's just suffering from a low self image because the media is not writing about her - she's no longer a news maker to be frankly.

If Camagwini was also involved in this, wow, poor her! There are just many ways to seek publicity; anyway publicity for a dead cat? There are many ways to pull stunts and demise is just not one of them, April fool’s day is in April.

I hope that crazy cousin of hers learnt a lot from this PR stunt they did yesterday… Native Rhythms confirmed on Twitter that the "singer" is alive. Shame to those Celebrities who started to call their fashion designers as funerals are now regarded as walking in the slope.

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