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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kanyi Ingoma: For once I thought she was a guy

I don’t want to sound like her biggest fan today she gets enough respect as it is. First time I heard Kanyi was like the first time I heard Nicky Minaj. She was so good, so on point lyrically and unapologetically dope that I even thought she was a guy. I know I sound like a dick right now but I’m that honest kind of dick that admits that female MCs have been tainted by gimmicks for ever. Sex sells but rap is very masculine even female rappers act the way men would act if they had boobs.

It is rare to hear a great female MC especially in SA where EJ von Lyrick has been the undisputed champ for a while. So when I heard Kanyi bury guys I look up to Sphum eGugs I was converted. I wanted to know who this guy was and when I asked Al Nino of Drie manskaap he laughed at me and said “she is dope bra”.

This Debut album is very important to me because I have been waiting for two years to hear it. At first I thought it wasn’t worth the wait but after track 10 I was turned again. Kanyi has her own sound her own rhyme structure her innovations can be compared to Rakim or Big Daddy Kane , this is the kind of flow that should make HHP go okay maybe I need to get my Mo molemi on and go back to grass roots. She has a way of making words say what she means all the while making it sound so cool you have to listen three times to get it.

At a Kanyi gig last year a friends mother who doesn’t speak Xhosa asked me to translate and not wanting to be rude I tried. After listening to a few words I turned to explain but my mind jammed because in 2 bars Kanyi had established a scene with characters and  a plot she had about ten punch lines and even some alliteration. All I could say to dear Jody was “Sorry Jodi I don’t have the time I can’t think fast enough and there are not enough words in the English language to translate this accurately…” She wasn’t upset she could feel the vibe was heavy.


This Album is a benchmark and Kanyi is a trailblazer. A trailblazer is a guy who burns trails while traveling for the next group to know the road and be able to travel faster and easier. A good example of a trailblazer Is Jesse Owens or Muddy Waters, Kanyi is on that level she just lit a fire under the ass of every stunner shade rapper and Range Rover spokesperson that happens to rap lines.

It’s the hottest Rap Album from Cape Town in a while I can’t even give it a rating just see for yourself Kanyi Intombi Zifikile! 

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