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Thursday, April 12, 2012

D-Longs Management in collaboration with 999 Music launches their first artist

Yesterday shall linger just as that, but this particular one left me with memories that are worth sharing with everyone. So be it, yesterday I headed to Londiwe’s album launch held at The Venue, in Melrose Arch. Usually launches are just that but this one went a bit far by bringing us both music and Theatre at the same time.

I have to divulge I saw something that I by no means saw before, so splendid that I could not stop saying to myself she’s a singer, a dancer and she interacts and captures the audience to her performance. Loving positive competition I kept on telling myself that with the right resource Zahara is in for a big challenge because Londiwe seems to be blending with a mix of genres that draws your attention with her strong emphasis and facial expressions that she conveys to the audience, so authoritative.

Picture courtesy of her Blog
As the event kick started we were entertained by different artists, all new talent of which most of them were from 999 Music owned by Arthur Mafokate. To be frank, they gave us a hot performance that assured me that South Africa has raw talent; and yes we are yet to be amazed.

She didn't just get on stage - she was delivered by a crew of gentlemen in their traditional attires. You definitely know when a true Queen is accompanied and that’s what we experienced yesterday. To be the best, the whole concept was so nice.

I have noticed one thing though, when Londiwe is on stage it is very difficult to dance on your own, instead you get amazed by the breathtaking collection of her dance moves and or not limited emotions that brings out the flair in her. She's very comfortable and of course a colourful young woman. You tend to ask yourself where she has been hiding all along. Do we need to wonder about that now? No! Fact remains she's out and yet she left my mouth wet with her powerful performance(s).

Her background and the influence on her music comes from her life experience and working with the likes of Mbongeni Ngema (who discovered her), Ziggy Marley, Duma ka-Ndlovu, Chicco Twala, Peter Ultee from Holland, Arthur Mafokate et al.

Londiwe has been mostly doing a lot of Musicals and theatre productions from Sarafina, The Gum Beat, The Zulu, African Mamas, and Lion King. Her Diploma in Drama and Theatre complements her performance(s).
You don't want to know about her different outfits for every song she sang, I was like what? Within a minute of waiting this youthful artist is in another hot outfit. Another important element from being a singer, dancer, audience capturer - she's a woman of style.

Her debut album is out in stores, see contacts below for more information.

Find Londiwe|Twitter|Blog

Thanks to D-Longs Management for the invitation

The company does brand activation. They also get unsigned artists and get them the best deal(s) to suit the brand plans. The company is owned by Phil Mpela, Zinhle Gasa and Londiwe Mthembu. Londiwe is their first artist and they have collaborated with 999 Music for her debut album, in a nutshell they have partnered with 999.

Booking details: 079 892 8233, Zinhle.

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