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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another Epic UEFA Champions League semi-final has hit our shows

Almost the whole world will be hoping and praying that the Spanish clubs-Real Madrid and Barcelona reached the last two, for what would be an unforgettable El-Classico. Not that those other clashes are being forgotten-but in the Champions league Final it does add a bit of Spanish spices. With also their League promises to go down to the wire, with the EL Classico in Camp Nou promises to be the decider- then second round in the UEFA Final will be a sweet revenged to whoever will lose the League or a chance to put more pressure to the League winner-by winning the final as well.

But Chelsea and Baryen Munich will also have their say; they won’t be standing there folding their arms waiting to be taken apart by the Spanish combination. Barcelona will first have to go via Stamford Bridge on their way to Munich- so as Real who will have to visits Munich successfully, if they want to reach the final. Most soccer loving people will still remember what happened in 2009 Champions League Semi-final clash between Chelsea and Barca.

 The game which Chelsea should have won easily- but they were denied by Iniesta’s thunderous strike in stoppage time, in the game that the Blues had to contain their heads, as most of the decision went against them consistently. That has resulted in comments from the likes of Frank Lampard-who said after they reached the semis, they ’had an unfinished business with Barcelona’. With De Matteo steering Chelsea in the right direction since he took over form AVB-it promises to be a fascinating football match. But the truth is- Chelsea is one of few clubs who has not found going tough against the mighty Barcelona recently.

But Pep and his boys are absolutely waiting for this one, that one thing for sure, having one of the finest player on the planet Lionel Messi you can be rest assure, they will take whatever challenge presented by Chelsea-and also being in the danger of losing the Spanish League to their better rivals-Real, this is the one they won’t want to lose. So the first leg is waiting at Bridge- London.

The Champions League is at Munich and it present a chance for Baryen Munich to play the final at home-which makes them dangerous dark horses against Jose Mourinho’s real. With stars like Robben, Gomez, Muller etc you can expect them to give Madrid a serious run for their money, but Madrid is also not short of stars as they possess the likes Cristiano Ronaldo and KAKA who are both former world player’s of the year and the likes of Benzema, Dimarie and company. So it promises to be the game that will be won by one head of the two coaches, who ever will put up a strong team in terms of game plan, can be rest assured of a victory in the end. But the two ties promises to be decided in the first legs that will played in Munich and London- If Chelsea and Baryen Munich wants to come out top-they need to play it smatter and clever in their home first legs, because going in Cam Nou and Santiago Bernaber trailing- can be most of the time mission impossible to come back alive.

Jose Mourinho writing off of Chelsea and Real Madrid to reached the final still raises the question of what kind of mind game is the special one playing now- we all know how smatter Mourinho is and how good is-in his mind games-so this is straight forward-has been laid down by the ‘special one’ for Barcelona and Baryen Munich to think about. Who will be at Munich come the final night?-only time will tell, but except AC Milan back in the days no team has ever retained the UEFA Champions League title- but Barcelona have one of the special player to be seen in this planet-Lionel Messi-who has netted over 60 goals this season alone and still going.. Anything is possible with the little Argentinean on the field of play-but time will tell.

“Remember it’s always look impossible until it’s done”     Written by Fanele ’thenatureboy’ Mbuyazi.

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