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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Parties – Journalists – Sunday World – Newspapers and Favouritism

Is it a trend in South Africa or any other state? Sometimes growing up starving makes you do things just to serve that never fading necessity in Mzantsi. It has somehow become a penchant that Journalists go to events just to get intoxicated and report memories of alcohol the following day. Where do you stand as a Journo/publication?

I admit I also booze but I choose when to do that, which is a huge break after the interview(s) or event. So is it allowed for a journalist to drink on duty? Does that allow pure reporting when one is kept happy by the host? Will you say the party was a slap in the face should you be dined? Or is a case of, “I write much better when I am wasted?”

I know that journalists are so in love with freebies and they simple go to parties not for the sheer fact of reporting but to enjoy themselves. What is happening? I am so lost and I need to be in line with what is happening.

Is it true those Sunday World journalists are publicists behind the scenes? Is it true that for example the newsroom is divided into two and some favour certain celebrities while it is the opposite with others? Just probing…

VIP access: Why would you need a VIP pass for doing your job? Err Mani! Our Journalists are hungry vultures. Is this how editors tell them to cover stories? If that’s the case then we don’t need such editors. There’s one editor I don’t really like and is the Sowetan editor. For the fact that he thinks everything is “Public Interest” while destroying people’s matrimony.

Is it true that Celebrities must give scoops about others in order to be featured in the Sunday World? I would really like to get my spinning head around this unethical deed. Where is pure researched and reported journalism? Does this mean these papers take information about people at face-value?

Is it about being friends with Celebrities or following your job card? Celebs themselves have made a habitual habit of becoming friends with Journalists to prevent their dirty garments coming out. I don’t blame celebs for spoiling journalists and showing them that, “I know you’re hungry and I am going to use that to my advantage…”

I am simply looking for clarity, the same people you want them to stab others on the back do talk about your strategies a lot. So my question is, where do you stand as a publication? I really want all Journalists to do their job before all shall shape and that makes it better for all of us spending our food money buying newspapers to only read favouritism.

Is this true? Is there some sorts of Cheque book journalism in the country?

By Ntathe Mgozi (All images are used for illustration) | You may add me on Facebook
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