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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is this corruption? A radio station manager collapses – East London

Oops! Did I really Collapse?
Sthembele Thomas better known as “Bra Sthera” has been demoted as the programs manager and acting manager of Mdantsane FM, East London. The incident happened two weeks ago after he was asked to declare financial statements of the baby station.

Phumeza Haye is the newly appointed programs and or acting manager of the station. A source rubbing shoulders with the station told us that Bra Sthera collapsed and woke up at Makiwane Hospital in Eastern Cape.

Another source close to the station who did not want to be named said, “The presenters are very happy and relieved because there will be fairness
compared to his biasness…” The sources further explained that Bra Sthera lacked leadership qualities and four presenters have left the station because of him.

“He’s a presenter now like any of us Hahaha (Laughed the source)” in conclusion, “We now have freedom at the station…”

By Ntathe Mgozi| You may add me on Facebook
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