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Thursday, March 29, 2012

His brothers chased us away so we had to live in a Shack, says Kamohelo of SABCS 1's YoTv

"when I joined YoTV I showed my shack on TV because people think that in order for people to be on TV you have to come from a rich family."

Who are you? Kamohelo Bombe
How old are you? I forgot to ask my mom lol...
What makes you excited? Oh my lovely family
What makes you angry? People who look down on other people
What is your favourite colour? Pink
Are you single? Yes
Do you believe in God? Yes, he helps me go through different challenges that I come across every day.
What is your motto in life? Striving for the best...
How do you value yourself? The way I respect other people I always say it’s important to respect yourself so that the next person can also respect you.

What was your turning point in life? When my father passed away that was my turning point in life because lot of things happened, his brothers chased us away so we had to live in a shack and my mother is not working so we survive by grand money. But because I believe in God I knew that he had a plan for us.
When did you start to work on TV? 2009
What was your first TV gig and where? MY first TV gig was on Soweto TV as a stand-in presenter
Why did you choose TV? I choose TV because I love interacting with different people
How did you get into TV? I used to work for Jozi FM and while I was working there someone told me about Soweto TV so I decided to give it a try and its working I’m learning a lot from Soweto TV
What do you enjoy about being on TV? I enjoy everything being informed and informing other people.
What was your best TV moment? I love doing crazy things on TV so my producer Charl gave me a challenge to drink raw eggs on TV that was my best TV moment.
What was your feel like I want to quit TV moment? I love TV and I never have those moments
What is your advice to young ladies who aspire to be you? Be on TV… Be yourself and keep it real
Where in 5 years will you be career-wise? I see myself growing big with the entertainment industry and also owning my company
Where did you grow up? I was born in Limpopo and when I was a 1 year old I moved to Jozi maboneng with my mom.
How was it like growing up there? Lovely because I started my career in Soweto, Soweto kasi lama kasi.
You’ve highlighted staying in a Shack, many children there are faced with many challenges of vulnerability on daily basis, well, how did you manage out of those? So after the passing of my father we had to move to a shack and that made to be the strong woman that I’m today. In a way that I had to be responsible at a tender age, after completing my matric I had to look for a job to help my family so I did a lot of promotions. Living in a shack didn't stop me from dreaming big, when I joined YoTV I showed my shack on TV because people think that in order for people to be on TV you have to come from a rich family.
Where do you stay now and how has that changed you as a person? I still stay in a one room with my family
Which high school did you go to? Fidelitas Secondary School in Diepkloof (SOWETO)
How was it like to study at such school? I learned a lot from that school but I was very naughty
What did you learn as a life experience from the teachers there? They taught us to respect one another and to always know that we come from different backgrounds therefore we can’t be equal
Do you have any tertiary qualification? Expand more. I’m currently studying Public Relations with the University OF South Africa (UNISA)
Who’s the funniest of your biddies? My little brother he always makes me laugh
What criterion do you use to choose friends? A hard worker
What is important about your friends? Lol! I don’t have friends I’m still looking, the only friends that I have it’s my family
What is your favourite food? Phutu and Inkomazi
What is your most dreadful food? Cabbage and papa
Do you prefer chocolates or roses? Oh roses I love the smell
How often are you spotted at Shisa Nyama? I handle do Shisa Nyama but I love meat.
How do you like your stake to be done? Well done, Medium or rare?
Any diet plan you’re in? I love food and I’ll never be on diet.

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