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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Featured: Malawi’s Government is fed up with Madonna’s act of charity

Madonna who has adopted two children from Malawi has planned to increase her charity in helping the perished Malawi and her children to better their education in a bid to construct more school for at least more than 900 children annually.

Malawi's Government is SICK of Madonna's Act of Charity

The government accused Madonna of not consulting with them before going ahead with her plans. Seems like Malawi is not as needy as Madonna thought for the fact that they out of all people can be fed up of someone who's been on their rescue for quite a long time. Would one seriously mind if Madonna construct a school in one of the poor areas in South Africa without consulting the government? Of course if you know the person has an ongoing charity offering with the country?

Reuters reported that Malawi’s government on Tuesday accused Madonna of not consulting over her plans to build 1o new schools in the poor southern Africa state and said the singer seemed more interested in promoting her global image than helping with education there.

"Fed UP with Madonna"

Malawi's Ministry of Education spokeswoman Lindiwe Chide told Reuters the government was "fed up" with Madonna.

The Guardian also reported that, John Bisika, Malawi's national secretary for education, science and technology, told the Guardian: "We have had no written or verbal communication. We just read about it in the papers. I don't understand how she can work like that. For someone to go to the papers and say, 'I'm building schools', without telling the government, I find it a strange way of working."

But Madonna’s spokeswoman disputes that there was a lack of consultation between the two parties and she disclosed a letter that contained communication from Madonna to the Malawi government to the Guardian.

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