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Monday, February 27, 2012

Who’s Anele Mdoda to be followed because she’s Anele Mdoda?

Anele has been with 5 fm for a good number of four (4) that has gained her an unbearable experience in the field of broadcasting, April she's joining Highveld Stereo. She did not only become a radio personality but went as far as becoming a television starlet when she hosted the popular show, SA’s Got Talent and appearing on Strictly Come Dancing.

I might be blind as a bet, but to be outright Anele got all the fame because of 5 fm and no one can dispute that. On an interview with SA FM when asked about her followers on twitter she said they are going with her; I mean she got all those followers because of the SABC’s brand 5 fm and they did not follow her because she’s Anele Mdoda but she’s Anele Mdoda of 5 fm. I also don’t see a reason to be big headed especially radio personalities thinking that they have listeners, they are honestly not yours but that of the station.

Talking with Mr. William Seyama (CEO of eNitiate Integrated Solutions), he suggested that there should be a policy of social networks in place whereby any radio personality will tweet in this case using a twitter handle that is linked with the brand they work for. An instance would be @Anele5FM and that handle should belong to the station so that as soon as they depart the station it could be either be deprived of or buy it.  In the above case his crucial example was CNN.

It is fantastically inequitable to any brand to use them to gain followers on twitter and another brand for example comes with a better offer on the table. Anele is currently standing on 56, 125 followers on twitter and guess what she says, they all followed her because she’s Anele! That’s pure pre-school talk or might even say lies and or not limited to being crazy.

Now the dare or questions we might be asking ourselves are her followers going to amplify or diminish? She’s been on twitter since 25 March 2009 and that's approximately the year she joined 5 fm. She has 20.9% Retweets, 30.6% plain tweets, 18.5% replies, 22.9% Mentions, She shared 3% of links and 4% of pictures.

Her online strength is 2% with sentiment of 41:1 (41 being positive staff about her and 1 being negative). Passion is 23% and her reach is 25%, so will you safely agree with her when she says she’s followed because she’s Anele Mdoda? Ausi please admit you’re followed because of 5 fm and that’s final, I stamp it.

Otherwise all the best of lady luck with Highveld Stereo…

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