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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today's Valentines Gift: Australian man fined for flashing his buttocks at Queen Elizabeth II

According to the Straigt Times BRISBANE(AFP) - A man was Tuesday slapped with a A$750 (S$1,010) fine for flashing his buttocks at Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Australia last year - and said he would do it again.
Sydney barman Liam Warriner, 22, pleaded guilty to one count of public nuisance during the 85-year-old monarch's tour of the Queensland capital Brisbane in October.
A second charge of wilful exposure was formally dropped by police prior to his sentence.
The Brisbane Magistrates Court heard Warriner dropped his trousers and ran alongside the queen's motorcade for 50m with an Australian flag clasped between his buttock cheeks, Australian Associated Press reported.
As reported by NDTV he told the police that it was a political protest to show his contempt for the monarch and elitist groups, the court heard. They also claim that outside Warriner said he would do the same thing if other dignitaries visited. 
"Any self-important, self-propagating elitist, I will happily bare my buttocks to," He said as quoted by NDTV.  
Straigt Times| NDTV

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