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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Interview: I am going to be single for a very long time says Donald

I got a possibility to hang out with Donald Mr "I Deserve" himself. He's a very unassuming and cool character who always produces a mammoth smile and laughter when around people. Donald is currently full of activity with his second album that is expected to fall soon with his HIT single I Deserve . His first album was titled "Just Donald." Underneath is what we got up to...

“I just hang around people with positive vibe and attitude, people that can inspire me to be a better person…” Says Donald

Who’s Donald?
I am a very simple guy, young Tswana boy who’s passionate about empowerment, in love with music.

How old are U?

Where did u grow up?
Northam (outside Rustenburg and Sun City)

How was it like growing up there?
Perfect place for one to grow up and for me it was refreshing quiet in the middle of nowhere far away from Johannesburg.

Is it only your music that drove you to Johannesburg?
I actually came to Jozi for school, which is something very important to me. My mom is a teacher and back then if your mom is a teacher you were forced with a lot of pressure to be an A student and I was such until I was done with school.

Would you agree if I say a talented person does not need to go to school?
I would disagree, because a lot of people mistaken success for talent. Talent is just one small part to your journey to become successful, it is just an opportunity and success is your mindset, your wave of thinking. All the people that you see in the industry successful are in the right mindset…

Where did you attend high school?
I did two high schools, St Dominick (Rustenburg) and Dancer International College (Pretoria). 

Then from there what did you study?
I did UJ, computer science.

Well, did you finish it?
No, I dropped out just when I was supposed to be doing my final year.

Any plans to go back?
I am not going and the only reason for me not going back  is because I decided that I wanna pursue music even in an educational level, I wanna teach music and open my own school. I know I am very knowledgeable on the computer science side and I can get a job without the qualification, that’s how knowledgeable I am. But with time I discovered that there was no passion there and I was more passionate about music and not just becoming a recording artist. I believe that the best artists out there know what they are doing but it’s also good to have raw talent and education too.

Tell me Donald you seem like a person who believes in oneself, do you believe in God?
Yes, because without him we are nothing.

Do you have a girlfriend?
No I don’t, the very last girlfriend I had been the one that inspired I deserve. And I am going to be single for a very long time.

How did she inspire the song?
Well, you know I was in a long time relationship with someone and we got to a very comfy point together plus with that there are great expectations. Then it happened that I went through a very dark time in my life where I was involved in an accident; and that happened to be a test for her to see how committed she was in the relationship. It was very emotional for me and I was alone during that most difficult time. I also had to go through the aftermath of the accident alone and no one deserves that. So the song came about during the first week I got discharged from the hospital, the way I was feeling, the pain I was feeling just made me write and that’s how I deserve came about.

How supportive was your family?
My family was very supportive, actually from the onset and few of my friends.

What are you going to be getting up to since its love month?
I will surprise you with my answer, I am probably gonna be performing for a group of women maybe single but those who need to be reminded that love does still exists and it needs to be pursued. I am here to tell you that there’s someone out there for you.

“I am also ready for love…”

You seem like a private person, are you?
Yes I am very private.

Do you have any siblings?
Yes, we are six...

Donald & The Music Industry

Tell me about your turning point in the industry?
I had a few of those times but I can’t pick them out as to when did they happen and all I know they did not last because I am a very positive person, I can go through hard times but I always bounce back with a positive attitude. But I would say where I started to see the light was when I was at Will Of Steel Productions as much as people might have probably thought that me living was from a negative connotation. But I am who I am today because of Will Of Steel Productions and I will always be thankful for that.

From Cleo you went straight to be independent, so what do you source out?
I source producers and pay them but for now I am working with Kent.

What criterion did you use to see Kent is the right person to work with?
What had happened I always wanted to work with him but I did not know how to get to him. So he and his management approached me.

Wow that's awesome man, you know in the music industry there many challenges, so what is your advice to upcoming artist?
You know what? One needs to look within them first, know what you want in the industry. It’s all up to the way you think as a person and you know when you’re doing something wrong. Don’t sign what you don’t know, read or get a lawyer even if it’s from a big person.

Thank you Donald for the opportunity and all the best with your album but before we end, what is your motto in life?
Hard work pays and respect elevates...

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