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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Very Best Of Ntathe Mgozi: Mzantsi's stylish and charismatic men

Mara why mara? Why don't you guys give others the chance to be SA's sexiest men of all time? Honestly this is what I have come to notice about South African celebrities in particular the ones pictured here, they are hunks and they spread their personal charisma through the jobs they do on our television screens and music scene. Agree or disagree, these are my TOP men of the week with a good fashion taste, charisma, the looks that has led many ladies dying to share sheet street with these guys...

Lulo Cafe: Disc Jockey
Trevor Noah: Comedian

Shona Ferguson: Actor 

Sizwe Dhlomo: Radio and TV Personality

Paul Monare: SABC Weather Presenter

Dj/radio and TV personality

By Ntathe Mgozi (Add me on Facebook "Izindaba ZaseMzantsi")

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