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Monday, January 16, 2012

Thato Tholo of Soweto TV and Jozi FM is making it BIG in Mzantsi's Entertainment Scene

Thato Tholo is all over the place, radio (Jozi Frequency Modulation and Soweto TV’s Urban Xplosion) so I thought why not give him the publicity he deserves to share his time to fame with our readers. Here’s my Q & A with him below so enjoy…

Q Where did you grow up?
 A I grew up in the Vaal for a good part of my life then moved to Soweto when I was 9 to live with my parents.

Q How was it like growing up there?
A Growing up I had a normal upbringing from a middle class family, so I had most of the things I needed as a normal black child growing up.

Q How many siblings do you have?
A I only have one which is a girl, I’m the first born.

Q Who is the funniest member of your family and what makes you find them funny?
A There are just countless of them and this due to the personalities and how they approach certain situations. So I can’t really choose one lol!

Q Who is Thato in no more than a paragraph?
A Bubbly character, focused and goal driven young man, at times lazy but I get things done and a perfectionist of note.

Q So, how old are you?
A Very old lol.

Q How did you get into radio and TV?
A Ukuphapha lol that’s all because I wasn’t looking to get into the entertainment industry because I was studying towards a business degree.

Q So where did you study?
A I studied at CTI in Bedfordview and graduated to receive my BA (hons) Business Studies.

Q Why would you say Education is important to other young people?
A It just broadens your outlook in life that’s the reason why I think that education is so important and you’re able to view life in a different light and are exposed to new things.

Q Are you single?
A No.

Q So who’s the lucky person?
A I will not answer that.

Q How do you spend your weekends?
A Depending on my schedule I’d rather be at home, a movie or lunch and head home. Maybe party but once again it depends on how hectic my week was.

Q How do you feel when your fans appreciate you publicly?
A Wow when that happens, it kind of overwhelms me. But I receive the love that I get.

Q Cool, what would you like to say to them?
A They should continue supporting the work I do. And got mad love for them.

Q Who’s your best friend and how do you choose such friend(s)?
A I don’t have best friends I just keep a close knit circle of friends.

Q What is your favourite food dish?
A My mom’s and grandmothers cooking. So I can’t pin point one dish.

Q What is your most dreadful food dish?
A Snails yuck who eats such vile things?

Q Who are your influences in the media industry?
A The likes of Ryan Seacrest I admire the work ethic and all the presenters on Expresso on SABC 3 lol.

Q Can you give thanks to three (3) people that inspired you in your chosen field(s)?
A Bafana Mgijima my director who played an imperative role in my artistic career, my parents who have contributed and sacrificed so much for me. And my grandparents wow there is just too many to mention actually.

Q What would you like to change about the Mzantsi media industry? Why?
A More opportunities for new faces and less exploitation.

Q Finally, what is your motto in life?
A Go out and get what’s yours…

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