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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunrise: etv is back with their informative breakfast-show

In a country like South Africa information is vacant but it greatly depends on who's providing such in sequence and what are their personal interests? As a young SA journalist I have been watching Sunrise since last year because it won against my all time favourite show Morning Live on SABC 2. I love the way they pack and unpack information to the viewer at home, yes we have to understand that every medium encompasses personal interests that results in things like censorship but it irritates me when it is so visible and obvious that you’re giving us mundane news, for example positive about a certain political party and the rest is disgusting news about the other parties. I mean who does positive or negative things all the time?

We as viewers we need to grow into understanding the role or rather say responsibility of the media in our communities. We need to see all sides of debate represented in the media. We must understand that the media is powerful and can change public views on certain topics, thus I would personally recommend Sunrise or e-news as the best choice for people who have the freedom of choice to choose or filter the kind of news they desire without that being done so palpable by the medium.

Underneath is what Sunrise is about and I have the same opinion that they are just about that. They have gone further than just that but they are an outstanding channel in providing news as they happen(ed) and they are fully representing all sides of society. I love their strategy of exposing artist by affording them the platform to perform live.

About Sunrise

Weekdays at 6:00 AM

Wake up to a world of entertainment with’s breakfast show Sunrise weekdays at 6am to 8am.

The show will cover all aspects affecting your world, from the latest news in politics, sport, business, health, entertainment, weather and traffic updates. Sunrise will take an in-depth look at the local and international music industry, interview popular celebrities and peek at what there is to watch at the movies. Everything you need to know before you step outside your door.

Sunrise is a multi platform show which will allow viewers to interact with host, Sindy Mabe. The viewers will be able to voice their opinions by phoning in, emailing or SMSing their comments.

For a breakfast like no other tune into Sunrise and start a new day.
Source: etv channel website

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