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Friday, January 13, 2012

Sowetan is leading in misleading the public domain

Below is the story that was published by the Sowetan today and my analysis on the editor's compared to the journalist's version of the truth vs. what they were provided by sources. 

Headline: Promoter, manager in row over payment

Sub-headline: A WAR of words has broken out between a North West music promoter and the manager of Afro-Pop singer Lesego.

Written by: Mogomotsi Selebi 2012-01-13 09:08:31

A WAR of words has broken out between a North West music promoter and the manager of Afro-Pop singer Lesego.

Ndabi Thomas, who manages Lesego Reetseng, accuses Tebogo Sekgaile of failing to pay after his charge and another musician, Madoda, performed at the annual Family Day music festival in Potchefstroom, North West, on New Year's Day. As a result, Sekgaile, who maintains that he has done nothing wrong, said he had been receiving threatening messages from Thomas.

Lack of facts on the above paragraph: 

What were the threatening messages? Did you guys bother to call the security company that was also involved in the payments' disputes? Because Ndabi claims to have provided Mogomotsi with the relevant information of which you failed as journalists to do a proper follow up on such. How do you maintain that Sekgaile has done nothing wrong? Where's the proof of what he said? Daniel Mochobo of MEG Securities was suppose to meet with Big Daddy yesterday pending his balance but he could not reach him as he claims. Did you guys include that in the story? Selebi knows that Daniel gave him a go ahead in publishing his side of the story but he chose not to or rather the editor omitted it.


He also said his office in Potchefstroom was broken into and a laptop and two printers stolen.

On the above paragraph:
Did you ask Sekgaile the case number as his office was broken into obviously he should have opened a case. His laptop was stolen? Sekgaile told Daniel Mochobo of MEG Securities that his laptop crashed when he claimed that he never received their invoice pending payments. Do you have as mentioned above that his office was broken into?  Daniel also confirmed to you that no offices were broken into but still you went ahead knowing that there are two sides on the matter and you should have seek a case number to validate you "facts".


"Thomas initially wanted R12000 for Lesego, but I told him I would not pay them that much. Lesego has a reputation of not showing up at his shows. I was not going to take that risk. They then said they would add another artist, Madoda, for a total cost of R16000. I agreed and paid R8000 into their account," he said.

On the above paragraph:

You're quoting late information because you did not ask him what happened after because Lesego showed at the event. Did he tell you that he did not give people what he promised them? Because Nhlanhla Nciza did not show up. Does he know that people can claim for refunds?


Sekgaile said the reason he didn't pay the remainder was because the musicians brought friends and booked hotel rooms in his name without his consent.

On the above paragraph:

Are you guys aware that no-one can book a hotel without the consent of the involved company? Did you know that Lesego did not even sleep at the room that was booked under Big daddy Events? For your information he drove back to Johannesburg the same night. Are you aware that on arrival Tebogo Sekgaile was called to confirm the bookings?


"I used that money to settle their bills," he said.

On the above paragraph:

Did he give you proof that he really settled the "bills" he claimed to have paid? Did he tell you that he told Thomas Ndabi to wait for him at Nandos (Potch) to pay the balance? And he never pitched?


However, things went sour not long after and Thomas told our sister newspaper, Sunday World, that Sekgaile owed them R10000. He also confirmed that he had indeed been sending text messages to Sekgaile, but insisted the intention was not to threaten him but to make him pay.

On the above paragraph:

Did you bother to ask Thomas or Sekgaile about the initial contract between the two parties? It seems like you as a medium you take information at face value or rather say telephone value with no proof at all. What kind of whack journalism are you servicing the country with? Honestly now, where are you guys coming from? What kind of an editor would allow a story that lacks content to be published?


One of the messages reads: "This is the very same reason that I wish you can just die in an accident ... I so wish that you can die."

On the above paragraph:

You have completely lost or you're misleading readers massively. Why you did not quote the reason that made Thomas send this short message service (SMS) or rather where are Big Daddy's replies because Mogomotsi was provided all the necessary information by Thomas?


Said Thomas: " I did that to get him to talk and admit that he owes us."

On the above paragraph:

Did he succeed to get him to talk? if so, where are the SMS from Big Daddy to him? Were you guys honestly looking for a headline as usual or what?


Regarding the break-in into Sekgaile's office, Thomas said: "I had nothing to do with that. He must report the matter to the police."

In my conclusion:

Big Daddy Events also told Thomas that the Mayor will deposit the balance into his bank account. As an accountable or rather say community serving newspaper  did you question the relationship between Big Daddy and the Mayor? You always claim public interest yet you let the aforesaid go without questioning it? Do you know what is public interest vs. what you deem to be public interest?

You guys have completely failed to represent the necessary sides of the story and that is misleading to the public. You did not bother to call the security guy that Big Daddy also owes money and you did not even call the people that Thomas provided to you that Big Daddy also owes money. Is that journalism? Did you guys study journalism or marketing because the story is pure crap as it covers Tebogo's lies with no proof at all.

As for Mr Editor, you have failed as the editor because it is claimed that you omitted the facts pending the story and the story was cut short because it is next to an advertisement. Can't stories continue to the next page? Can one compromise facts because of an advert? Did you even bother to read your sister publication regarding the way they wrote the story?

The story is biased and I am of the opinion that there are personal interests involved, please correct me. You should have just not followed the story at all than misleading the public domain. You're one of the newspapers that are leading in misleading the country and I thought since it is 2012 that was going to change but clearly I counted my eggs before my chickens hatch...


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