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Thursday, January 19, 2012

SABC's Paul Monare: Tertiary For Me Was An Eye Opener

Paul Monare (25) is not merely the weather guy at the SABC (2), he also works as an environmental researcher/consultant for Environmental Resource Management South Africa (ERM SA). He's someone that you can regard as free spirited when it comes to education, career, family, food, friends and about his exciting personal life. 


Q Why would you say education is important? 
A Without education you can’t be competitive in the ‘conceptual’ or thinking context.  I know this is lame but education is that key that opens a lot of doors for you in this age.

Q How do you feel about our education system?
A It is good but can get so much better.  We need to invest more in it.  We have great individual brilliance but we need to have that as a collective.  I don’t want to hear of one or two people getting good result and good tertiary education.  I want to hear of the masses getting great results and great tertiary education.
Tell me about your tertiary moments? 
A Tertiary for me was an eye-opener.  It was as if I had been freed from the little I have always been isolated to.  There was lots to learn and my mind was open to it all.

Did you get a job immediately after studies? 
A I was very lucky to get a job while I was still studying.  I was a tutor for UJ and became a weather presenter during my first postgraduate year.


"I don’t predict it I only present it.  Meaning if I get it wrong, the SAWS got it wrong and that is unlikely."

What did you study and where?
 Geography and Environmental Management at University of Johannesburg, APK.

Being a weather presenter is it something you always wished for?
No, I simply heard of auditions when they were looking for weather presenters and I tried my luck since I needed a job.

As a presenter do you go through any weather patterns?
We don’t go through much.  The weather charts are faxed to us by the South African weather Service (SAWS).

How often do you see changes in your job and what are those changes?
In terms of how we present, there isn't much of a change unless off cause when one goes through training and all.  But in terms of weather patterns then certainly yes there are a lot of changes that I could talk about for pages and pages.

Q What would you say are the personal character traits of a climatologist?
A I really can’t say there are specific traits but I guess a geography background would help, and passion for meteorological sciences.

Q How easy/hard was it for you to find a job? Did you have previous experience? 
A No previous experience.  I was simply at the right place and time.  Finding my other job was not so easy though.

Q What do you love about your job? 
A I love the interaction I have with people both on and off air.  And I love the fact that the “weather topic” will never get old or outdated.

What can the public learn from your job?
Quite a number of everyday issues for instance why it rains, what causes winter rains in summer regions, why is it too hot in some places and too cold in others.  Many other environmental issues can also be learned.

Q What can you say to young kids who aspire to be like you? 
A Study hard, read a lot and don’t be afraid of anything. 

Q How do you feel about COP17? Did it work? What are your future predictions from it?
A It is always good to host conference(s) such as that but if the theories are not put to practice then it is useless.  COP17 will work in some place and it won’t work in others.

What can we do to reduce chances of global warming? 
A Start teaching children from a very young age how to live sustainably.  Saving water, not littering, consume considerately and recycling when possible.

 What can we do to educate our people more about weather systems?
A Same as the above answer need to start from humble beginnings.  Start at primary school.  We can have road shows and talks and conferences for more matured citizens etc but the most effective way would be to start with children from very young ages.


How many siblings do you have? 
A Just one.

Who's the funniest member of your family?
A It has to be my mother.

What is the greatest time(s) you shared with your family? 
A Every single time I am with them.  I don’t get to see my family a lot so each minute is highly appreciated.


What is your favourite food dish? 
A There are plenty, chicken breasts usually do me good, whether fried, baked or chopped into a salad.

What is your most dreadful food dish? 
A I doubt there is any, my stomach is very friendly.

Q What is your favourite restaurant and why? 
A My mother’s kitchen, she is amazing.

How do you maintain your diet? 
A What diet... Hahaha… I avoid takeaways as much as possible and I read men’s health for food tips.


Who's your best friend? 
A Girlfriend, then Mpho &Tumi, they are fighting for the position. Hahaha! (Laughing)

Q  who’s the funniest of your friends? 
A They all are, they are funny in their own ways I can’t really say who takes the cup there.

How do you choose friends? 
A I have a 33 page checklist for that. LOL. Nah there is no such your friends are your friends because of certain common ground that I can’t really explain.


Where did you grow up? 
A A rural town called Ganalaagte till I was ten, the I lived in Wolmaransstad from ten till 18 and they are both in the Northwest Province.

 How was it like growing up there?
A It was good, I didn't mind it because I didn’t know any better. There were lots of restrictions as they were very small towns but I loved my life, my family and friends. Those places made me who I am today.

Are you single? 
A No, I am dating the hottest girl in the world.

Q What do you like your partner to wear? 
A Nothing :) only when we together though.  Otherwise there is nothing specific, anything she is comfortable with.

What is your favourite colour?  
A I really don’t know a lot of colours are interesting on certain things/occasions. 

Q What was your turning point in life? And how did you solve that? 
A So far I have had an incredible life, there hasn’t been anything that I needed to solve hectically.  I lost a father when I was ten but my mom took care of that role quite fast.

Your first kiss and how did that feel? 
A Oh wow who still remembers that?

Q What's your take on sex before matrimony? 

A You won’t have any experience, have you ever heard of any company hiring a person without experience? Hahahahaha! (Laughing)

What makes you believe in God if you do?
A Mostly the fact that I was raised and taught in Christian principles or ways.  Then the big bang theory (not the series, the actual theory) and I guess faith.

Who do you look up to? 
A Quite a few people, my mother and her sister (my aunt), Kagiso Mokoduo (Guardian), Ace Tabile (Kagiso’s former mentor),  my friends, Former President Thabo Mbeki.

What's your favorite music and why? 
A Alternative Rock, Pop, Motswako, HipHop, and some House (in that order).  I guess it stems from how I grew up and the kind of people I hang out with.

How do you spend your weekends? 
A Mornings at SABC, then I usually just chill in front of the tv (I love watching sports mostly soccer and cricket), and I spend time with my PS3, I watch anime (yes dipopaye), I hang out with girlfriend, I swim, I drink, random picnics with my awesome house mates, I read, I watch movies, I pretend I’m listening to my girlfriend (Hahaha), I cook, I think less, I laugh more, I do a lot!

 What is your motto in life? 
A Calm down, respect the elders and wash your hands before you eat.

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  1. Wow interesting, Im not surprised tho, you'd expect everything he says here just by looking at him, except the fact that he's from NW. I thought he was from Soweto. All the best Paul.


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