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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Editor: I just find “I Deserve” irresistible, an up-to-the-minute single by Donald Moatshe

The most recent year was rather a thwack for the South African music industry; or rather say many artists were not recognized because they could not afford to buy off the media to give them the airplay and coverage they deserve? But I am now looking at the bigger wedge of the whole industry and my predictions for this awesome year. Vumani Bo? Siyavuma!  I Deserve by Donald Moatshe.

Immediately to take you a bit back, last year we had the Xhosa queen Zahara flooding us with good music that almost healed every troubled psyche. We also had the chance to witness Madoda-Mzizi winning the Best Afro Pop Album in the Metro FM Music Awards, and wow I am not talking about AKA the multi award winner. Bearing in mind these are all newcomers and they won against the most anticipated artists in the country. I Deserve by Donald Moatshe

The difficulty is how did they do it? How did they win against the artists who all along thought they got it all but went stale? Sometimes your focus must just be in one or few categories when it comes to awards, otherwise if you scattered all over, prime example Theo Kgosinkwe, well, you will not win a single award.  

I am sure and 100% positive that this is going to be a hit after hit year in our entertainment industry. And if your project is not appetising please re-do it and I promise you, with the motivation you’ll rise above the Daily Sun.  I Deserve by Donald Moatshe.

Okay well enough now, but my focus re-article is Donald Moatshe’s new single “I Deserve.” I don’t review singles and this will be very unfair to those who sent me their singles, but honestly I don’t review badly composed music at all and I will not apologies for that. If you don’t deserve then improve your work or rather say “craft” and hit me with a return, it might work wonders to my cleverness like you know,well, then “I Deserve”.

I got a glimpse of “I Deserve” from a popular television show Live on SABC 1, as some would know me, I asked myself who’s this mfananyana? Where does he come from? Little did I know that he has been in the industry dating from a very young age. And he worked with a popular local musical group called Malaika.

His song gave me an indication of the healthy album he will let fall before long. Plus trust me if you did not pay attention to or downloaded the song you’re missing out BIG TIME! So do the precise thing and get a FREE download of his mantra here, I Deserve by Donald Moatshe.

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