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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

IT'S A Question of morals and respect for ones body!

It’s a question of how you value your body, family, friends, spouse and more importantly your health… Writes Buchule Raba GoXtra News Editor

Persons who trail her on twitter and Facebook will go out with me when the rain stops and recollect the life of Palesa Mbau; a Johannesburg based porn star and prostitute. It was an inebriated weekend sitting with a close “foe” and we happen to take a tour online. What he showed me was very interesting, professional and disgraceful to any parents that brought up a daughter to be that kind of a living being. This week I am going to tackle the life-style of Palesa, “South Africa’s super sexy porn star” and prostitute, well, strange enough for me to comprehend but got my attention. , “I’m Palesa Mbau, South Africa’s soft-body sweetheart. I am model and first porn star, and I am all yours. You may get mesmerised by my brown eyes, my pouty and skillful lips or by my round afro ass…” says the introduction on her site, unfortunately the domain page has expired; but to your surprise it is the online home of Mbau. When I visited the site a while back the following is what I have recollected.

The rates/prices

“My rates are not negotiable; I cater to high class clients only. I would suggest you consider a companion more suitable to your financial situation,” she proudly writes on her expired site. One could argue with no opposition that she’s as devoted to her life-style as a faithful dog. She describes her business as delicious as forbidden fruit- as a dream (My sight). Her prices ranging from R2000 an hour t0 R4500 for four hours and her regulars get a discount of R500.

The Ridiculous Wish List

The first thought that came into my intelligence was that she’s too demanding for her sexual entertainment and that of being a “high class” super sexy prostitute who does things professionally by the book, I would say of disgrace to her family (opinion). On her wish list: A townhouse in Midrand, a Mini Cooper, lingerie, HD flat screen television, HD camera, sexy toys and book. 

The treats

On her website she also states her favourite treats, “Roses, bottled water, or even a Ferrero Rocher chocolate is always a bonus”. Apparently any man who can meet her demands will make her super excited as she is the self proclaimed South African porn starlet and prostitute. Keep in mind the fact that the treats above will not get you a discounted price (Madness for decades).

Far above the ground sex entertainment prices, a wish list of her desires from clients and her treats are what make her chosen “career” flourish just like any daily business. She’s a self proclaimed porn starlet and model. Is this a way to show other girls who are in danger in streets trying to sell sex that there’s a way to do it professionally? I wouldn’t know, but well sounds like a winning concept for Palesa Mbau.

This story is merely questioning the moral(s) part of any human being that has or is deciding to sell their bodies to make a living - are there no other ways to make a living?

Story by: Buchule Raba (Editor GoXtra News)

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