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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hot Single OUT: Ntsiki Mazwai tells Ex’s Cherry to chill

Once again the South African queen of poetry/spoken word Ntsiki Mazwai has hit us with a hot single “Ex’s Cherry (BaadMan Remix).” We really don’t want to let our ears miss this hot summer tune composed with life time experiences…

The significance of the song draws close many hearts as lot of people can relate to it. It signals out the fact that when your ex boyfriend’s current girlfriend is massively intimidated by you and they act it out and bear in mind this may happen in public or simple by remarks. “In this song I’m just saying easy sista, I’m not pining after your man,” continued Mazwai, “Actually, and I think it’s possible for ex’s to be civil with each other without things getting pretty with his current.”

Mazwai told me that she thinks the song is about saying, you should be secure in your relationship, and not worry about her because she’s all right, “Nna kegrand” said the queen.

“What’s interesting about the song is that it was actually recorded with someone else and BaadMan stole the vocals and made a house song…” said the Mzantsi poet. She would bump into him at Ragga nights and he will tell her that he made a song with me, “LOL”, Laughs Ntsiki.

She told me that this went on for about a year until recently when she saw Disc Jockey (Dj) Josi Chave tweeting about the track. She says, “I had never heard it so I asked him about it and where he heard it,” Continued Mazwai, “He then asked if he could put it onto his compilation; which he has recently dropped and that is how far we have come in the story…”

Her friend Pheello PJ Makosholo offered to do a video for their track and the music video was shot this week (will be released in December). “It’s been an amazing experience,” Said the musician. She is now working closely with PJ on editing so that she knows it will be definitely be something she can account for.
“The actual song...I almost fell off my chair when I finally heard it. It makes me dance and feel so many different emotions. Iyadelela so it also makes me feel empowered- I hope it will do the same for the audience,” Concluded Mazwai.

Please check out the link below for the latest single by Ntsiki Mazwai, it is also available on the Josi Chave “Black Frequency” Compact Disc (CD) in stores nation-wide. The song is composed by Mncedisi Ndlagamandla, authored by Ntsiki Mazwai and finally published by Sheer Publishing, Blacknoize Records.

Listen Here:

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