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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Editor: A thought challenging monogamous and polygamous relationships

It’s reminiscent of singing, “I see your true colour that’s why I love you…” only to find out you’re in a polygamous relationship that was once claimed to be monogamous… Writes Buchule Raba GoXtra News Editor

I am charmed that I’m writing this wonderfully thought copy, not because I felt like writing but a concern of importance has fallen within my cleverness. In this week’s article I am going to focus on relationships, targeting what is important in both polygamous and monogamous relationships. As much as I am going to pin-point some issues out of the ordinary, and I am also going to tackle the issue of sex and attitude within these partnerships and that will be my sweet conclusion. Before we dwell much let’s define the concepts of a poly/monogamous relationships.
What is a Monogamy Relationship?

Wikipedia gives us a great meaning of monogamy, a form of marriage in which an individual has only one spouse at any one time. In current usage monogamy often refers to having one sexual partner irrespective of matrimony or reproduction. If you didn’t know the term comes from a Greek words “monos” which means one or alone, and “gamos” which means marriage. Monogamy has the following four (4) aspects: Social, Sexual, Genetic and Marital monogamy. But we are going to look at sexual monogamy which refers to two persons/creatures who remain sexually exclusive with each other and have no outside sex partners. So this means trust will be the drive in a sexual monogamy. Here you need a partner or pair that can take control of their dress or trousers, and you don’t need an unfaithful kind of a person like the Cape Town weather.

How do you act when you at a later stage find out that you were once in a monogamous sexual relationship? How do you fight with a cheating partner? What evidence do you need to be convinced that your “lover” is cheating? Do you consider his/her attitude change in the relationship? All these are questions answered or unanswered that we have about our partners. Again it depends on how you as an individual behave when such questions or rumours arise.

In the above relationship type we tend to trust our partners, which makes us vulnerable to illnesses such as STD’s and etc. So this might put you in a big danger as your intelligence is flooded by the word “monogamous” thinking that your partner/pair will never have unprotected sexual intercourse outside the relationship. So it is more advisable to suggest regular tests even if you both trust each other. Sure in this relationship trust will be at a big risk as soon as you ask your spouse to go test as they will question issues like, “you think I am cheating”, but trust me, a pure partner who really adores you will go test regardless of those issues. After all we have to be safe and always stay wise when it comes to issues of communicable diseases.
What is a Polygamous relationship?

A polygamy relationship simply means a marriage with more than one partner, our prime example here is the South African president Jacob Gendleyihlekisa Zuma. If you didn’t know when a man is married to more than one wife at a time, the relationship is called polygyny, and likely there will be no marriage bond between the wives. This is not familiar in a South African setting, but when a woman is married to more than one husband at a time, it is called polyandry.
Protect yourself

In the above relationship concept it is easy to protect yourself compared to the monogamous one. Because in polygamy you know that you’re not the only wife/husband so it automatically registers in your mind that you have to be cautious about each other’s health status. I would advice that partners or pairs in this case should challenge each other on going for regular blood tests as to make sure that there’s no health risk involved.
Attitude and SEX

In conclusion, talking about attitude in a good relationship, this is where it all starts and end. If well, you don’t respect your partner or pair, then there are more chances of losing them than keeping them locked in the centre of your bad manners. So as slowly fading towards the end... let me do touch ups on the issue of sex. Some believe that making love (sex) makes the relationships tougher. Well I personally don’t believe in such because there are vultures that are out there and targeting those they want to give a taste of their sexual organ. It hurts to be in such a position especially if you love/d the person. So my advice especially to youthful girls, you should be careful of what you might be getting yourself into. Whether you’re in a partnership/pair-ship this you need to register in your mind and play it safe.

Until next week once again I welcome November!

Story by: Buchule Raba (Editor GoXtra News)

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