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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Recollection of Ntathe Mgozi: Dear Club Hush if Patrons are not fighting with each then “bodyguards” beat them up

Club Hush is located in Rosebank, Johannesburg (ZA)…Celebrity or not you'll be smacked at Club Hush!

Cherished hush; I don’t care how you regard this recollection. All I am doing is simple trying to see who the consumer between you and your patrons is.

Guys can you please get your house in order? It is totally not acceptable for Patrons to be beaten up especially by “Sober” bodyguards. I am sick and tired of hearing that people are being dragged and beaten under your damn nose; you seriously need to get your act together before you lose consumers. Plus I don’t give a “Kak” if a celebrity or just a normal person is smacked, just deal with it. The aim is to have fun under the glamorous world of Hush.

As quoted in their website, “Welcome to the glamorous world of Hush, the last word in edgy, modern and super classy clubbing. Live out your dreams in our exquisite fantasy universe, you will not want to leave…” I mean how the hell does one begin to live their dreams if such things are happening right under your nose? Everyone will want to leave if patrons are getting a “klaap” when having pleasurable time.
Does it make a business sense when people are being assaulted pending or rather during their enjoyment time? Huh? I know that any business would cover their ass up, but it is bloody unfair to hear negative junk about the same place every now and then.

Minenhle Dlamini 
Look, I don’t care or give a piece of cake as to who is/was wrong, you are a business and one of your duties is to make sure that everyone you serve or rather pay your bills is happy and protected. Another thing issuing out press releases after every occurrence will not make the coffee warm; you need to boil the water for that to happen. So saying, just hold your damn club together.

It was Minenhle Dlamini allegedly beaten; you issued a press release in a business complete format to cover yourselves. Then it was Felipe Mazibuko, quoted the Sowetan, “…Calling him a faggot and dragging him…” as witness Kuli Roberts (Journalists and TV presenter). I don’t think Nomakula (Kuli) will witness lies or whatsoever as quoted again in the Sowetan “It was a Nigerian guy who beat up Felepe…” said Melanie Ramjee of Hush Club. So what did you do to stop “Nigerian guy”? It would’ve sounded better if that was quoted too.

Felipe Mazibuko
I didn’t want to follow this habit because people get drunk and do nasty things. Because it is starting to be a habitual habit I thought hayi cha manje iHush is a bad place to be and not because of lack of quality service but the issue of patrons getting smacked every now and then. So this is changing the attitude that Hush is the best place to be.

Until we lift and direct our underwear’s not to act like G-Strings, I say have a good one…Thank You for reading, now please leave your comments for Ntathe Mgozi below the comment box…

Story By Ntathe Mgozi (Check me out on Facebook as well)
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