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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Precious Kofi’s brother to be the next big thing in South Africa

Growing up and School in Cape Town

Sibusiso Kofi (21) grew up in Imizamo Yethu (Hout Bay) Cape Town, South Africa. He describes growing up there as a “trip”, he says it was odd because at his school there was a mix of people from all neighbourhoods both the rich and poor. “It was the amalgamation of South Africa we even had immigrants,” added Kofi.

He at school spoke English to his full potential, while it was a different story “Ekasi” which in this case is where he grew up. He soon learnt to think in three different languages to make sure nobody treats him like a twit. This learning curve helped him future-wise as he learnt to pick up on languages and more importantly respect other people’s cultures. As a quick learner this helped when he moved to Johannesburg as it didn’t take long for him to blend in.
Who’s your role model?

Role models are people who help us to mostly find a direction in our own personal lives and the way we aspire to be in public. Kofi have many people that he looks up to, “My mother, sister and Bob Marley inspire me,” he continued, “I respect people who change the world they live in and have influence…” The young man says in terms of modelling himself on anyone it would be Steve Jobs and that anybody who knows him is a witness to his love for Steve.

What makes you happy?

Amongst the things that make Kofi happy is love and music. He also highlights positive people as the source of his happiness, “I wish we were all positive because it makes everything easy,” Said Sibusiso. He’s not happy about the current government and the mentality of people in some parts of the country that steal tax-money, “Tender money goes to Mercedes Benz and Audi that makes me sick,” he told me that he loves free enterprise and people who create. This youthful man hate leaches who take everything and leave empty stomachs.
Being a radio DJ and Producer

Kofi didn’t have any intentions to be a radio disc jockey (DJ) or Producer, it all happened so fast. So he also learnt to love radio, he also talks like it’s going out of fashion; since there are not many places where you can talk for a living he will better stick with radio. Producing and recording songs is his only love, “I want to be the artist that changes the face of South African music,” assured Kofi. He sees the business of making music  like dream-weaving and according to him there’s nothing like balancing the two, it’s like juggling chainsaw but he says it’s a double edged broadsword because radio helps him learn what sells and what makes people sick of hearing your songs.

“I have now realised that an artist must never serve the public ear they should exhibit who they are and what they feel, that makes people connect.”
The Q and A with Sibusiso Kofi:

Q. How does being a Kofi feels like? (Please dwell)

LOL Being a Kofi has always felt kind of weird. Nobody can pronounce my surname. Then my sister went and got famous that changed the terrain. I have always had to live up to her name since we went to the same schools and she always achieved things. I never lived up to it though I am a weird one. I loved athletics and gymnastics and I excelled at athletics, when I wasn’t running I was in the library sitting in the nonfiction section reading books on crime, history and cars. My sister on the other hand was in the drama squad (which I avoided even though I liked it) She was a student leader, I was in detention for speaking too much. She was never into gallivanting and I had a certificate.

“I remember she gave me voice classes when I wanted to sing…”

So growing up I learnt to be me regardless of the pressure to be like someone else because it hurts to fail at something you don’t even like. But as it always happens sooner or later I started messing with what I was avoiding most (The Media). I love my sister and we have always worked together at things I remember she gave me voice classes when I wanted to sing, it’s the way we grew up. So I ended working with her and it was great to watch her make a success of her life it gave me pointers and showed that a hard work pays off.
That’s my experience being a Kofi in my generation. There are lots of Kofis’ so they all have separate lives but in my house that’s how it felt. I think it’s great I’m proud to make a name for my family. I want my kids to say that name with pride (maybe even let it open doors for them) I just hope It doesn't make them lazy. One day it will be synonymous with COOL!

Q. When and why did you start in rap music?

“Guys were like wow man yours sound so good…”

I started rapping at age 14 when I started writing short stories and just venting about my life. My friends one day started beat boxing and free styling stupid lines for fun. I joined in for fun but when I did it didn’t sound stupid, guys were like wow man yours sound so good. That’s when I realised I could rap and I’ve always loved hip hop my uncles were die hard Pac DMX fans. I rapped because I wanted to be one of those legends then I realised that I love rapping after I got good (I mean people have no choice but to say he hot) by then it was too late.

I started a rap group with Jason Stich Lewis who was the resident Eminem at school and before I knew it we were ALCONGINE and it was good. It is good we Rap because we love to rap and we won’t release garbage we search for truth in our music it helps us cope and we hope to do the same for others. Spreading love and peace is the aim and rapping is the game. Making beats is also an addiction I can’t sit still I make beats in my head before I sleep, I tap like I’m nervous until I get to the PC and lay down a track. Then it starts again LOL!

Q. What message do you want to get out to the international youth?

All kids everywhere! Screw the government and the current world we have inherited it’s full of hate. Let’s take the world and turn it over and let’s make it all new. Spread love! Imagine a world without hate! It’s up to you only men can rob men and only we can save us!

Q. How is it like to be born in Mzantsi (South Africa)?

It is a blessing to be a South African. In this country we have the chance to make a change even though sometimes our past influences our future negatively it also keeps us aware that we can change and that the Government is not God we can change the world when we want how we want. It’s also got the most beautiful women in the world!

Q. Finally, do you believe in God?

I nearly died a few weeks ago and it made me think about that a lot. We need faith as people where you put your faith is up to you. I have no religion I’m not anything don’t give it a name! I am human that’s where it stops. I do believe that the world is enough for me and that God put me here but he/she chose for me not to know their name only for me to believe that there is a purpose for me to be here even if it is never revealed. To me the next breath I take is that God giving me a hug and saying you are here shut up and love it! Its AWESOME look outside tell me I’m wrong. If so look inside and see if you don’t feel the same hug. Peace and love ALCONGINE!

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