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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Paramount of Ntathe Mgozi: SA TV and Radio Starlet Sizwe Dhlomo alleged to be gay

Hello everyone, I am persuaded you've been missing Ntathe Mgozi like your plate of food. Okay, I am here now otherwise I have been fishing for news and I happen to get a big fish out of the sea. But now let’s all treat these as allegations. Lol Ntathe couldn't stop blushing when he heard this one, wow one of the best and fruitful news in my years as a comedian ko Soweto…

Warren B
Yesterday I was minding my customary business on Blackberry Messenger (BBM) when a gay source who wanted to remain unidentified said, “Sizwe Dhlomo is dating my friends ex, from Live…” I was like LOL is he betting for the same team? Instead of answering he sent me a photograph of Warren B (right) from Tanzania a guy that apparently Sizwe has dated for a period of two (2) years.

I would say if Sizwe didn’t go for Anonymous’ friend he would still be in the closet even now. The thing is that in the South African setting you can’t hide a thing about your sexual orientation.  So now the question we should ask as his fans: Is Sizwe really gay? If he is, then what is wrong with that? Honestly there’s none wrong about him being gay because it is embedded in our constitution document that gays are welcome in Mzantsi.

Sizwe just come out already now please, I am certain that there are many gays that will be glad to share a sheet street with you. It’s not a sin dude, just come out and you will be appreciated. Honestly guys have you ever heard about his girl friend? Duh! Please come out if you ever witnessed him dating a chick before. LOL mara Sizwe! (Ntathe feeling hot now)

Links to External Articles about Sizwe Dhlomo:

As quoted by Jucy (Click < Jucy to read more), Word on the streets is that South African Starlets go to silly lengths to get dudes attention, but so far, none of them has managed to (sic) snare the eligible Mr Dhlomo.”
You might also be interested in reading an “Open Letter to Sizwe Dhlomo” on, Click here to read

I am sure that the gay community will be more than welcome to give Sizwe a break to feel at home. Let’s not judge him. As I have said these are allegations and must be treated as such. Thatha Sizwe Thatha! Ayoooh Bangane Ayoooh!

See you next week people of Southern Africa…

Story by Ntathe Mgozi  

The Editor:

It was difficult to publish the above story, but on the other hand I trust my writers with their full potential to write and investigate facts and give their valid opinions on matters affecting the public. I took the decision to publish the story because the subject is prominent which means the story bears public interest. However the matter will be treated as allegations unless proven otherwise...

I relish!

Thank You for reading, now please leave your comments for Ntathe Mgozi below the comment box…

Story By Ntathe Mgozi (Check me out on Facebook as well)
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