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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Editor: November is a block month approaching our festivities

Transformation is exciting thus one need to adapt especially if you read GoXtra News. Here we mould leaders, not uninformed "educated" people. Writes Buchule Raba GoXtra News Editor...

At the moment back on the subject affair... With November we have a month away from our lovely festivities, well, it depends entirely on you how you are going to mark your festive season; which is a palpable case that it comes once a year. On this commentary I am going to pin-point the things that your eye must constantly meet during this time of the year.

Firstly, we need to know that felony is still out there though our Government is trying to dwindle it drop by drop. With that in wits, we need to be watchful of our personal valuables especially during shopping time. Window shoppers are not all there for the purpose of window shopping, so be careful of those thugs. Spread your money across all your pockets and not your wallet (fool the fool). Another way of doing smart shopping is the stress free use of your debit/credit cards since South African thugs are not so well-educated with debit/credit cards.

Parents, please ensure that your children are always on your spectacles. This could be whether during shopping or in a nearby play-ground. Do this to avoid tears flowing down your cheeks and a tarnished heart in times approaching the so "great" jovial season. Remember keeping children safe or rather protected you are adding a "might" change to the future of this beloved state. You may contact Missing Children South Africa:

General Enquiries
Office: 021 950 1546
Fax: 086 580 3310
Emergency: 072 MISSING (072 647 7464)

To those who possess pets please make sure they mind their business, whether you're in a shopping complex or home. Read signs were there are no pets allowed as those are there for fruitful purposes. Contrariwise keep them safe and clean. There's nothing nauseating as a smelling dog travelling in a train coach with the owner, so please.

To criminals, I beg that you know if you snooze you lose. With this point I am in clear terms saying: if you mug someone the Police will arrest you, likely in our setting they might even beat the hell out of that devilish head. So please do something criminal-free (CF), I don't care if you stand in the sun trying to sell sun lotions or shades. If the above comrades bothers you, simply dial 10111 and report them.

To the swimmers, at the beach please adhere to all signs. Watch out for possible shark zones. Have a good listening skill in case the emergency guards blow the whistle. Remember it's not the life of the shark but you becoming the food of the day. If you can't swim, well, you just can't don't try to impress someone because you'll drown. So I richly counsel that care about your life starts not in public but you.

Drivers, oh I kindly bow down with my dented knees and ask you to NOT consume alcoholic beverages while you're still going to drive. I recall an advert by South African Breweries, "Evidence centres do not close on weekends..." So I articulate they do not close during the festive time too. Drunk driving is a too serious offence, and you'll be dealt with if found above the legal limit. And according to Arrive Alive SA, "The blood alcohol limit for professional driver is 0.02 % - one beer puts you over the limit!"

To the South African Police Service (SAPS) we (Public) are sighting whatever you're doing and might be beating drunken people just to get them at the back of the Khwela-Khwela and give them a free ride. But you know yourselves how does a drunken person behave, so why smack them? I am certainly sure that the authorities are slightly aware that you play a huge part in the country's crime speed. So please do your job easily and put in front your employment ethical guidelines of knowing the wrong and the right.

Now I conclude with all citizens, let us all work hands in hands to lift and make sure the above will be carried with pride and enjoyment towards our festivities. "Working together we can do more" President Jacob Gendleyihlekisa Zuma (ZA).

Have a Lovely Weekend ahead! Please do not drink an drive...

Story by Buchule Raba/ Leave your comments for me below the comment box or send them via email to
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