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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Editor: I Play with no puppets at all

Have you ever thought that the day, week, month and year will never end? And things will never change? All you have to do is comprehend these things as they shape our daily lives. A lot has went down this week ranging from the “so called recovery” of Julius Malema, honestly I am glad that he’s fully recovered to dance to the African National Congress music. I was also touched by Simphiwe Dana’s article “The face of inequality and denialism in South Africa”, challenging the Democratic Alliance “leader” Helen Zille, here’s a link to the article, Read full story here .

Nor that I am taking or leading this publication to a different standpoint, but sometimes we just have to entertain matters that shape the public domain. Secondly I am not a political writer at all, just that I have something to say about the ANCYL president Malema. My question that I am sure other compatriots have it too was Malema really sick? Did he use his power or bribery to be booked sick by the hospital? Honestly the answers to those questions are within him.

As I was reading the Sowetan in this bad Cape Town weather I bounced to this article, “Juju fit and ready, says Shivambu”, I was surprised by the headline as I questioned was there really something that he needed to be fit for? Because I am of the opinion that he was never sick! As quoted by the Sowetan, “ANC Youth League president Julius Malema has fully recovered from an illness and is looking forward to his appearance before the ANC disciplinary committee tomorrow.”

I not only find him as a Politician, but an entertainer too; he’s a great leader who does not really know how to challenge issues with solace and respect. How many times do you get a point across with a high pitched voice? Few times, we need leaders who will challenge issues with high morals and ethics as to help the country flourish towards both great leadership and respect towards leaders in the public sight.

As a state it is hard to give tolerance to people who are bad examples in the public sphere, people who do not respect the nation’s children but their own. I don’t want to sound offish but I am just an opinionated entertainment writer who knows nothing but yet everything. I accept the judgement you put towards my work because I don’t have the power to silence you as it is embedded in our constitution that you have the right to freedom of speech.

I don’t want to dwell too much on politics because I don’t want to see myself emerging as a hungry vulture out of people’s tax money. I wish our politics or rather government can improvise for the betterment of our communities. Compatriots allow your pockets to come last, I know you’re deployed and that doesn’t mean steal for your period to end with you rich…

I relish…

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