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Friday, September 30, 2011

South Africa: Qalazive is the Sovereign of Street Rap Port Elizabeth

Blind spot: An area where a person’s view is obstructed - an area in which a person lacks understanding or impartiality.

How awkward would growing up as the only male in a household blessed with eight daughters be? Who would you turn to when you undergo male related issues? Mkhuseli Majali celebrated as Qalazive can tell this story that seem beyond belief to some of us. I guess this set up in a strange way cultivated his relationship with pen and pad as they were always ready to receive the burdens and joys he could not share with rest of the family for all the obvious reasons. The m’rapper personality was born and those touched by his music are ever thankful because they can now enjoy the style Qalazive describes as a mixture of kasi Lingo and upbeat tempo for the people who know how to get down.

This ever energetic and hyper active rapper has been holding mics for a decade and still going, he however only dropped his introductory album in2009 entitled Amagqabantshitshi that went as far as being nominated for the best Mixtape in Hype Magazine awards. It is with this project that he dropped under the True Sight Music stable that saw him establish himself as a formidable force that needs to be taken serious in the South African musical landscape. Few successes with this project includes being rotated in National radio stations such as Umhlobo Wenene FM, holding number 1 spot in the Kq FM Bay Top 5, a track appearing on the EC’s Finest Compilation by Hype Magazine to mention but a few. His hustler tactics saw him hosting sabc 1’s Seskhona.

This brother’s grind in Cape Town and back in his home town sanctifies him as a street cat that always is looking for means to get his music through to his targeted market. From listening to his music you can tell he draws his inspiration from the environment that surrounds him; should we be forced to box his music we would coin it social commentary.

Currently he’s a King of street rap in Port Elizabeth a titled he was afforded after emerging in the most fierce battle competition held in the city on the 10th of September in DnE Lounge organised by Slaghuis, True sight Music in conjunction with Blackberry. Amongst the participants that night was Hishaam, Murda Mo, Hakim Motif, Brain Matter, Gonzo, Kelly B, and Psychotic. The battles spectators discussed were the Hishaam and Gonzo battle toughest of the night and the Murda vs. Qalazive. In both the battles the judge’s decision was received by heavy hearts. The final Round was Qalazive and Hishaam. Qala emerged victorious judges sighting his hunger, clarity, energy, as the main ingredient that saw him victor.

Whether one welcomes the outcome or not their perceptions do not alter reality Qalazive is the King of street rap Port Elizabeth. He now is faced to prove he have what it takes to be The King Of raps South Africa by battling his guts out on the final leg that will be held in the City of gold. Will he bring the pot to the elly? It remains to be seen.  The 8th of October 2011 is thee day for him and some other contestants who are in it for the R50 000 worth of price that includes studio time with Dome.

In his own words he says this would be the necessary push towards his forth coming album entitled “Uva Ngondiva”. The real questions are, will winning the competition add value to his artistry and on the flip side will losing deter his vision? That remains a mystery.

You can contact Qalazive:
Qalazive Ubhuti WaseBhayi (Facebook)

Story by Yahkeem Ben Israel /Leave your comment for me below the comment box or click on the “contact us” page tab to see my profile.

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