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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Editor: I feel trapped in disgust when you critic without reasoning

Writes Buchule Raba (GoXtra News Editor)

“It takes less time to do a thing right, than it does to explain why you did it wrong.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I was aged seventeen (17) when I started to become conscious that inking your thoughts into a white paper was a source of strength even when those very close to you slam you down. Many are the times when I feel like a foreigner to the outside world, especially if what I wanted did not pop out the way I anticipated. From time to time I wish we can do things perfect the very first time we start them; except that those wonderful chances are few. I am human, but I feel trapped in disgust when I lose my perfectionist touch to the things I do. I just want to do it well; I believe I have one bullet to shoot it, so why the hell miss it?

I once had a dream of being
a master to my own online publication and it came to light January this year, though I’ve been a blogger since 2008. I never thought of the sleepless nights and the stress it would bring to my life. Honestly I have to admit I love being a slave to my passion, but heading an online publication like GoXtra News is messing my life around. How many times should I tell my sleep to go away because I am trying to think about new and innovative ways to enhance my publication? When do I eat the fruits of my toil? In all honesty, I really don’t know.

I often ask myself if I should give up and rely on authority aid like some people do. I never got an answer to that question, because it is not me to depend on someone else. I want to do my own things with my mouth put down the lid. How will it help me if I let my dreams go? Who will lift me up if I let myself down? Who will rescue me if I keep on tripping on disapproving people? The recipe to my success freedom is to know the type of people I mingle with. My triumph will never be hindered if I know my company. One more important thing in choosing companions is to make sure they are at your level educational wise; this will help you avoid conflict of interest.

Notwithstanding the people who will always see a mistake in your dreams, I damn know that I will never let go of what I desire to be. Yazi life is a challenge, because I hate that kind of a challenge I feel like living the kind of life that will help me nurture my vision. Challenges are there to help us realise that not everything is easy, but how do we embark upon them? Do we scream at them? Ssssh…We fight them politely and eventually they will let us in. A very wise man once told me that opportunities are out there, I was like where? He told me that you need to approach them like the big automatic sliding doors in our shopping malls, isn’t that obvious they will sense and open as soon as you are close to them?

I am a critic with my own rights to express and give valuable reasons as to why I criticise you. And according to me that is how my victims will feel free to let me in their lives, not because I am Buchule but I am good at what I am doing. I hate people who critic with stubborn and stupid egos. We’ll never be perfect and as soon as we accept that, life on its own very right will be easy with no self made words like, “Life sucks…” I mean there are things that other people see in us, so it’s up to the approach they use in telling us if we grow and change to learn from them.

The call that made me write this junk above is that of someone who critic with no knowledge of what is criticism. My advice is: if you happen to be with such people slowly take a step away today and add another one tomorrow. Because they will never be of assistance in transferring the person you feel internally to reality. Start now, dot down a specific criterion to rate your friends and if they can’t meet it, then don’t let them in your life. Links are people who should mould a good character from a bad one and not add gloom into your life. 

We are venturing on a very big project GoTv Channel (Internet TV) for our site. So you’re welcome to be part of this great initiative. Let us together tell our stories and by doing that we’ll be eradicating delinquency in our beloved country. For more information on how to join or invest send your email to South Africa united, we can beat it! Cheers!

I give my special thanks to all the nine (9) countries (readers) that visit our publication on daily basis…

The Concerned Editor of GoXtra News
Buchule Raba

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