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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Khaphela's Sex whitemail

Image: Women24
Finally after talks from the viewers that Mzantsi's number one soap Generations was rather boring (Rio at Kenneth's House...LOL). But hey Mfundi got us tweeting after every character's words. Looking more at Khaphela. WOW! That's how I went when I first saw that violent/evil look from his rather innocent eyes...LOL there he goes to white-mail Khethiwe for "sex". Is he that desperate to have kids... of-course the man is growing old by a minute.

Honestly I can't miss Generations these days a lot is coming down...seems like Mvundla has taken "Sex" in his production line. Jason and Nicolas hilarious too...Nicks dirty lies about J...honestly we all know that J wanted to DO Nick...duh obvious! Oh shame I feel for Senzo though his Daddy Sibusiso does not want Dumisani (the Xhosa) to involve Senzwana.

Back to K & K' sex white-mail...hahahaha! Wondering why I call it white-mail? Generally white people are always K & K agreed. Contrariwise I say BIG UP Tata Mvundla you've done us a good production this time around. Oh Sbali sika Khethiwe sifuna umdla strongo now...hehehehehehe! Interesting...

K can white-mail K it won't bring back the aborted
child and memories shall suffice. Looks like Khaphela is not up for the in-vitro fertilization at this point...he wants it phakathiphathi in Khethiwe's shopping Mall. I'm cool with it after all "The way nature intended it" LOL (Laugh Out Loud)

Can't wait for today's episode!

By Buchule Raba

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