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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Insight to the talent and flair of Kwesta aka Mr Cool

HOT: Talking about talent and flair a great combination by Kwesta aka Mr Cool.
Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi better known by his stage name Kwesta is from the township of Katlehong (East Rand of Johannesburg). This very township is where his dreams of becoming a rap superstar flourished. His interest in poetry and the support from fellow pupil and teachers to winning a talent show (High School). All these made him realise that he has talent (Complete flair) of the spoken word. 

To explore this further; we really need to know who stands the greatest gratitude to influence “Special K” (I call him).  He told me that he’s influenced by people with stories to tell and those who are not afraid to dream generally. Speaking about people who have made their mark in Mzantsi’s hip hop, he’s influenced by the likes of Slikour, Shugasmakx, and Deep Level and “many other guys who made it from backgrounds that don’t generally allow such.” He said.  The exploration…

To any musician/artists there are bad and well days, but then again it depends on how one plans their day. When I asked Kwesta how he sees a good day, he told me that “it starts with a good breakfast and ends with the day’s targets met”. Talking about targets unlike Mr Cool other artists out there depend greatly on their record labels to meet targets for them. Hopefully some will learn from him that in the music industry or shall I say business it’s a wake up and do it yourself, and let the record label provide facilities.

With perceptions (negatively) that people bear about Hip Hop music, I gathered from this 22 year old young man, how can people who don’t understand this genre of music be educated to fully comprehend it?  He then told me that you have to be part of it to fully understand it, he continued “but we need useful and responsible artists that can teach, listen and learn…” He says with this they will be viewed as generation leaders and positively influential people instead of just “fame struck” shells and ego-driven loud mouths to change any negative perceptions or stereotypes that’s out there.

When it comes to the betterment of South African Hip Hop music, honestly I’m not a fanatic of this music genre myself. But this is what Kwesta says “I think we need more and more artists to come out so that everyone can trust it as a career”, he uttered, “I feel we also need UNCONDITIONAL support from broadcasters and the media in general.” He says this is the only way they’ll WIN. Speaking about winning I asked him how he stands the current or rather growing competition in hip hop music. He talks “I need it! I need hip hop artists to do good because if or when they don’t, then nothing is driving me. I need a set bar to raise… the game needs it.”

He feels blessed about his latest project “Special ReKwest”; although it took him a while he appreciates how people have accepted it.  His content targets the “ageless”. The reason for this is because “I speak from a perspective of a 22 year old but I’ve held down proper conversations with 40+ year olds right down to teenagers, so it’s for whoever chooses to listen.” Just to cool the serious talk a bit you know, when I asked Special K about his favourite food dish, this is what he told me “Tupperware, no I’m kidding…I don’t have one hey I eat everything hey…” LOL! With the “Tupperware” response I shared a laugh after a rather bitter morning.

In working with other artists Kwesta told me he would give a piece of his hair to work with Kanye West (Internationally) and Khuli Chana (locally), he says that he loves his stuff and the fact that he’s chilled and down to earth.  Rap or Religion for that matter, Mr Cool gave me a firm “Yes” when I asked him if he believes in God. Academically Kwesta is doing none at the moment. He says “
I didn’t have the money but that there’s some change, I’m going to study music and arts or film but that’s all next year.” Wow! Good luck Special K with all that.

I asked him which other artists he’s currently working with. He told me that usually he works by himself but also planning to stretch it and work with other people. He continued “I won’t speak of them until they agree to work.”  Talking about work I enquired about his next project and this is what he says “I’m taking my time with it you know, I am in studio now and I should come out with something before the end of the year.”

 The Buttabing Entertainment family has thought Kwesta a lot. He says most importantly he learnt that as an artist, you’re also a person. To him hip hop means expression. It’s a platform for venting dreams and sharing stories and aspirations. Indeed with the bit he shared with me, I’m inspired…This is how he came up with his stage name. He talks, “It’s not deep at all. I literally sat down and came up with bunch of names and Kwesta sounded like it had a ring to it…” LOL! He continues, “It was ‘Quest’ at first but I added an ‘a’ and spelt it wrong”.

All I say good luck Special K, a wise man once told me “Opportunities are like automatic sliding doors, and you need to approach them to open…” Hey! How can I let this out? Guys look out for his single featuring the only Kruna COMING OUT SOON!

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By Buchule Raba

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