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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Does Nonhle Thema need to nab her twitter attitude?

Nonhle Thema tweets her new way of entertaining the locals. Image: Vuzu
My local celebrities cheered Nonhle Thema’s tweets on twitter (thee social village), though some expressed different thoughts of Re-tweets of giggly, rather than honest and acceptable advice. I was never among them, as I saw a publicity stunt, or rather say a hacked twitter account (only Nonhle can answer).

First of all I am of the opinion that “some” celebrities are jealous of her, or rather her millions. I mean for all I may know she’s just pulling comedy stunts on twitter (acceptable). Her moola is hers; she has put a lot of work to be generating that much at her age. I don’t care (who am I to care) if she goes around naked and boasting ngemali yakhe.

In a way your personal pride (ego) can also damage your reputation in numerous ways (used negatively). Your fans might also start to view you as an introvert. Having too much of that ego is just too much on its own. My question is; can celebrities or the self acclaimed celebs criticism wound her ego? Hell no! “the talk i talk. i CAN BACK IT ALL UP…this is my life…lol…” she tweeted. 

She also said that we must not think what she tweets affects her work. Honestly as large and growing the industry is, what you say online does affect your work after all. ALL THE BIG BRANDS as exploiting as they are, will throw her in a dustbin as soon as she loses fans (if there’s ever a human dustbin). So what? Yes I know that I am her supporter too, but I stand to hide that embarrassment sometimes.

“SO MY MOM FINDS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY TWEETS. SO PLEASE STOP JUDGING ME. i shall tweet what i like…DONE.” LOL! I mean guys we all know how it is to be a parent, especially when it comes to their kids. Mom could be from that generation you know, and she might not know how social networks damages ones reputation. But still none of us have to judge her. Why don’t we sit back and watch the reality of Nonhle Thema goes to fading? (As claimed by you) 

“South Africa has never had a girl so confident…I AM Nonhle Thema. Time for change in our society.” Okay enough with the quotes now, blah blah… The unfairness of this is people who are in the very same industry busy LOL at her, instead of calming her down with sugar and water (seems to me she’s crying for some attention). 

Let me see if I can propose a solution now… oh well I think she must calm herself down (of course twitter-wise) and focus more on her wonderful job. Let me admit sometimes when you are too egocentric it pisses off (does not piss me off though). She honestly and I mean for real needs to nab her twitter attitude and style. Enough said now…

“I hope you all have a very productive day. Grind husstle (sic) and make every hour count!” Wow! I’m actual impressed that there’s a very good and encouraging side of Nonhle Thema…I’m Out. Door Closed. 

By: Buchule Raba

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