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Monday, February 28, 2011

So it's either REHAB or take a hike from Yfm D gal Ranaka

As the story goes...the only version is Dineo, drugs and Yfm and ofcouse that's besides Dineo's side of the story...I really don't know what was on her mind before takin' a decision on to or not to use drugs...hard luck as GoXtra tried to get Dineo's version of the story via Facebook...anyway she never replied...You've really disappointed us girl...

Dineo Ranaka at work: I wonder if she's the only one...Image: Sunday Times Live
Sowetan reports
 that the youth station’s management gave
Ranaka an ultimatum after she broke down on air. The reality is that no one is allowed to be under the influence of drugs at work, surely even if you are working for SAB...LOL...But we talking fame and Celebrities...

Sowetan  quotes YFM staff, saying: "She was told to check herself into a rehab or leave the station. She was losing it. YFM had to do something."...Shame poor Dineo...I wonder how did her fans take this turning point...Everyone tries their best to live large in the entertainment scene to such an extent that some even lose their bread and butter (job).

According to the Sunday Times Live
, Ranaka, whose Afternoon Drive Show has since been taken over by content producer Bujy and co-host Linda Mabaso, is said to have been struggling with drug addition since last year...Wow since last year...when did she really start using them drugs?

Besides all that have been said...Gossip Xtra wishes Dineo Ranaka all the best in solving her drug problem...All the lady luck you may get sisi...just go to rehab and remember your fans miss you very much sana...We will continue to treat the above quoted as allegations...

So it's either rehab or take a hike D gal Ranaka...

Times Live

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