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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ladies dare to be with Sizwe Dhlomo

Takin' an Xtra look Sizwe Dhlomo is one of the cute LIPS and sexy guys that Mzantsi ladies would dare to share a night with. Very Sexy huh? As charming as he is...every young landy is fantasising about him..."Oh I wish he can be my boyfriend" are popular words when ladies are looking at his pictures...


This duddy
 joined the SABC 1's Live as the show's co-host along Bonang Matheba...this happened after a tough competition...where he and Mini Dlamini came out as the best contestants in a bit huge pile of ******...Sizwe is one of the hunks that has made the Mzantsi entertainment industry to look more both ladies and gays were after would hear them saying "owu Sizwe..."

Sizwe boy: you have made your mark big time...and I wish Bonang gives you the chance you deserve to shine on Live...because she talks a lot and affords you very little a chance to speak...Lol selfishness on the rocks...There's a huge market for Sizwe out there and we need him to shine like a diamond...


To be continued...

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