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OPINION: Corruption’s Chokehold: Rebuilding South Africa’s Stolen Dreams

As we stand on the precipice of a daunting future, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) mourns the tragic collapse of the South African stat...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Speak with the editor

Buchule Raba 
In the midst of the night I always wake up and think of new and exciting ways to improve the approach to our news.Being the editor of any publication, whether print, broadcast or online is very difficult knowing that you'll have to account if any law suit comes along. Thus I'm always making sure that there are no cases of defamation, racism, sexism and speculations in the stories we publish.

I have a very powerful team that is always up to investigate news and bring those to the public arena. Despite that like any other medium there are times you feel like "fokof" and let it go. But my dedication never allowed such to happen. We promise our readers and interview subjects the correct Observed, Recollected and Reported News. Generally "some" online publications do not have a mission and vision of where they are going; but we've chosen a different road to have such.

The South African entertainment industry is very vast and fast growing to such an extent that it needs to be carefully reported as to the full protection of those who are role modeled by public icons. So we'll provide you with topical news and comments of the week as we emerge. Your reader needs will be adhered to very carefully. One more thing we are not a tabloid of any sort, we are simple an online news gathering website.

So we are pleading for your complete support by reading and leaving comments on our stories. We have provided all channels of public feedback to enhance our growth and development as well. We also believe that without you we can never be the best news medium. So we respect everyone that spends their free and valuable time on our medium.

Currently we are covering a variety of soft news, ranging from your health and fitness, sport, news, comedy, media releases, columns, music reviews and tweet beat. We are much opened to any suggestions as to which news you would like us to cover. Let us all use this venture as a way to freedom of expression, where we can share news freely without any censorship.

Until next Time
The Editor

If you need to talk to us feel free to email us at, or email the

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