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Friday, October 13, 2017

New Vision Radio Launches Apps for Apple and Android

The online radio station that officially opened shop on the 26th of July has finally announced that their applications has finally been launched and is available for iOS and Android models.

The Station’s Mentor (Manager), Buchule Raba has mentioned that the Apps have been released for ease of access and will be developed and package further to allow their listeners access to a variety of content.

The station is confident that the Apps will surely make user’s experience users easier and offers accessibility without too much data consumption. Transmission is immediate compared to the online stream which is usually delayed by 5 seconds.

Raba who has developed the Applications for the station said that it was his first time developing an App.

“I must admit that the process only became easier when we launched the Apps. Before that we had to deal with struggles of rejection, App being deleted by Google Play Store because they thought we were impersonating other brands. I had to appeal two times for them to finally list our App at their store (Google Play Store).

“With App Store we didn’t have much challenges and our App was approved immediately after we sent it for review. Their processes are very unambiguous, which took-away all the panic that was caused by Play Store. I can also say when it comes to Play Store you will know that your brand is more safer and 95% chances is that no one will publish an App that impersonates a person or another brand,” said Raba.

Raba said that the process and experience of developing the Apps for the first time was so overwhelming for him.

"The entire process gave me goosebumps and I feel like the then generation-station managers should allow us to flourish at this new era of radio; digital radio. When I opened the Apps for the first time and I heard it playing immediately, I felt like a small child once again and that's how chuffed I was," he said. 

App: New Vision Radio
Developer: Buchule Raba
Size: 15,3 MB
Rating: 9+
Version: 1.0
Family Sharing: Yes

Download on App/ Google Play Store for FREE by clicking the relevant logo of the store:

The station said that this was a great achievement for them as a new baby that aspires to compete with the likes of Touch HD, Cliff Central and Massiv Metro which are all owned by South Africa’s popular celebrities.

The station also hinted that their website will launch soon.

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