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Monday, October 9, 2017

New Vision Radio Happy About Progress

New Vision Radio’s Station Manager; Mr. Buchule Raba has expressed his gratitude towards the online radio station’s progress.

Speaking from New Vision Radio’s headquarters in Lyndhurst Johannesburg, South Africa; Mr. Raba revealed that his most challenging task since his appointment was the takeover from the station’s previous Manager and this has confronted him with many encounters, adding that the Visionaries were pulling from all dissented directions.

“I can safely say that I am a content man today because my team is pulling in the same direction. They are starting to warm up to my management style – which is managing by the book,” said Raba.

Raba said that he broke-down at least twice since he took over as New Vision Radio Station’s guide two months ago.

“Outsiders tried so fiercely to control N.V.R from their bedrooms and I think they were pushed by the fact that I am a very young person, which led them to challenge my authority as they were not prepared to present me a just chance to administer the station.

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“If I have to confess, there was a point I felt like letting go but with the comprehension of the vision that my bosses Mr. and Mrs. Williams gave birth to. It motivated me to be the strong person I am today. They have invested so much in the business and certain parties continued to undermine their investment,” said Raba.

He told GoXtra News that he had to advise and administer a mandate to Senior Management expressing that the mandate was to substitute any unfit individuals who came with previous management.

“When Mr. Williams approved the mandate he expressed to me that; I need to institute a team that will respect the organization, its structure and my management style. He’s been fully behind and supportive towards that process thus far. We do have challenges but with passion, strength and the wisdom driving the organization, ultimately New Vision Radio will rise above those challenges,” said Raba.

 “N.V.R is a blossoming flower that will pilot with the rest of its kind in the market and I am here because I don’t consider only what is in front of me when it comes to the station, but I rather look at the future prospects and opportunities that the station has. It wasn’t easy and it’s still not easy but I am going to be strong for not only for myself but for my employers and employees of New Vision Radio.

Ending the interview he added; “My main focus momentarily as manager is with the marketing team. I want us to be the rubber on the road and seek potential businesses that will align and advertise on the station.

People who are struggling to stream us, must remain positive as the Radio’s Apps for iOS and Android have already been submitted for final evaluation,” 

Raba said that he was happy about how things are shaping at the station, especially with the new breed of on-air personalities.

N.V.R Facilities:
- Recording Studio,
- Radio Station,
- Online Radio setup and management,
- Film and Television Production,
- Transportation (contact us for more)

Follow New Vision Radio on Twitter @NewVisionRadio1 and Facebook - New Vision Radio Station.
If you have any ideas for Mr. Raba he's open at or call 011 440 6271.

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