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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I Was Scared, says Mandoza's Wife

During an interview with an online radio station on Wednesday, the late Mandoza's wife, Mpho Tshabalala said she was scared on how the day would turn out since her husband pass away a year ago.

"We didn't sleep we were preparing food parcels for the Mandoza Foundation to deliver to cancer patients at the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital and also launched the foundation," said the Kwaito star's wife.

Mpho said that when her late husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, it was a "difficult" journey that affected the whole family because the cancer was already on stage 3.

"After he lost his eye-sight he was like a child now. I had to step in and help him, I had to help him bath. He would still be alive now if the cancer was diagnosed earlier, it was on stage three when he was diagnosed," said Mpho.

Mpho said the Mandoza Foundation is focusing on all types of cancers.

"We don't discriminate. We focus on all the cancers," said Mpho.

She said that she has been through a stroke herself and she healed within two months after surviving the stroke.

"God will help you but you need to help yourself first. Change your mindset. To all the families out there support is very important," said Mpho.

Mpho throughout her learning about cancer she said 80% of cancer is caused by the one's lifestyle and people should constantly check themselves.

"With the Mandoza Foundation we will be going to eKasi (Townships) to teach people about cancer and have mobile clinics that will help people to get tested," said Mpho.

During the Mpho said she is now both a mother and father to their two children, Tokollo and Karabo Tshabalala.

Mpho said people are still focused on HIV/AIDS while Cancer is a silent killer.

The Mandoza Foundation raises funds through corporate and they are open to receive help from any willing participants.

"We want to also approach the South African Taxi Association to see how can we work with them. The Foundation is not only about me but saving the nation. Let's meet the government halfway and do things for ourselves," said Mpho.

You can join the Foundation by going to to get full contact details.

Mduduzi Edmund Tshabalala was born in January 17, 1978 and died September 18, 2016 after he was diagnosed with cancer.

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