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Saturday, August 30, 2014

WELL DONE To Drum Magazine For A Great Cover Story This Week!

I must say I am really impressed with this week’s Drum Magazine cover – well done Khosi and your team! Yes, like any other publication, they've made flops, but now it's time to eat the cake with them.

When the miners were striking in Marikana, we knew what they were striking for – same goes for the Generations’ actors; the public deserves, to know what they are exactly striking for, before making conclusive judgments.

Those who are complaining about the cover, clearly are not clued up on how decisions are made in various newsrooms – I guess should that be tackled, then, they will know why Drum took such a good decision.

Firstly, if such things are not exposed, Mfundi will continue to underpay these talented actors.

Secondly, if the media does not support them, they’ll remain with terminated contracts.

Thirdly, salaries are “confidential” – but we need to know that these are not private citizens. I am not saying we should know their salaries, but in this case, it’s a different situation (They are being exploited), and we all shouted that. If we knew why private citizens were striking, well, I don’t see the need to be angry at Drum Magazine for publishing the actor’s salaries.

As I would quote Lelo Boyana, “A shameless piece of work,” referring to the Drum Magazine cover – and all her blue overall readers (not knowing newsroom decisions) followed suite to insult the magazine.

Once again, congratulations Drum Magazine for helping the Generations’ actors fighting for a good cause.

The cover is well designed! I am so fascinated by this cover, it's like someone said, "Let's take out our exciting toys and play".


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