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Friday, November 29, 2013

TODAY: Here are the testimonials for the great Maftown Heights!

"Maftown Heights has grown into one of the must-attend social and cultural music events of the year, not only because it showcases the best of Maftown artists but because it has also embraced other musicians from far and wide in Africa who’ve so showed kinship and made award-winning collaborations with various Motswako movement artists. It’s not a secluded event where it’s an “Us vs Them” situation. By incorporating other hip hop artists at this fun festival, the organisers have proved that there’s still room for the Motswako movement to grow even bigger and stronger" - Mokgadi Seabi, Associate Editor, Grazia Magazine

"Maftown Heights has become a showcase for Hip Hop artists to produce their best performances! It’s the platform for Hip Hop artists to Turn-Up, if you're on Fire, and drop your ish, to an audience which supports Hip Hop across the board… I dig the event and look forward to shutting it down in 2013!" - Da L.E.S

"Maftown Heights celebrates one of the biggest proudly South African genres and sub cultures of hip hop! There's no way I can't be excited to be a part of it!" – Reason

"Maftown Heights is everything that's great about South African music - collaboration, pride in our different cultures and the amazing results we witness when we support local music" - Sihle Bolani, Director Angel Dust Management

"Maftown Heights is one of the best music events that I have attended. A sheer musical thrill, performance after performance. It’s amazing to be so close and in the presence of such exceptionally talented performers. Maftown Heights is an event that you don’t want to miss. Ever!" - Rhode Marshall, Mail & Guardian

"Maftown Heights is always a very special night on the calendar. Besides being a celebration of SA Hip Hop and how far Motswako music has come, it is also a good way to judge ones progress. I have very special memories of Maftown Heights and I look forward to enjoying the evening" – AKA

“Maftown Heights is the Mecca of local hip hop events in South Africa. It’s a celebration of authentic music and the people whose life it touches. It’s very rare that we have events headlined by such a deep pool of talent all congregating under one roof in the name of just culture and good music. So shout out to the Maftown Heights team for making that vision a reality for all the fans” - Fred Kayembe, Project Editor, Hype Magazine

“Maftown Heights is a celebration of South African hip hop music. Last year, 2012 edition...I arrived at the venue roundabout 8pm. Parking lot was already packed full of cars. We squeezed in somehow. I jumped out the car and took a walk to the main entrance to meet with Motswakolistas. I found there more than 1000 people with money in hand but no ticket available. Some of them where friends who have being a support structure of Motswako republic for over a decade. I realised that Maftown Heights is a festival performance, hip hop night of the year!” – Mo Molemi

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