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Friday, October 4, 2013

The generations’ new tune is trashy and some blunders along the way!

I've been trying to blend but thanks to Bab’ Mfundi; my pots are no longer burning in the KITCHEN because of Gene-blunders!

When you take elderly people to work on something, it becomes just that OLD!

With the recent change of opening tune by Mzansi's popular soapie, Generations people have been noisy, not just noisy but annoyed by the lullaby joint venture that Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse and international music composer Trevor Jones created - joint venture my foot!

Let's be honest Spikiri has been doing a good, fresh and easily followed theme tune for the soapie. What can we do if Bab' uMfundi decided to take his chaps to create something that will suit his age?

As much as the elders do watch the soapie, the rest of the viewers are young people who cannot even relate to that lullaby nonsense!

I don't know how many times I've missed the soapie while I'm cooking in the kitchen since they introduced this new Ghost! With Generations' older tunes, yes the ones created by Spikiri, you would jump from the kitchen to your telly-set without having to set an alarm for a reminder! Like really?

No one is happy about this trashy tune, of course, except Mfundi Vundla and Bongi Ndaba (The former writer who became a Co-Producer - the one that was once alleged to have written Xoli Zondi aka Zodwa out of the story because she allegedly slept with Thato Molamu aka Nicholas in real life) I'm not there, back to the gibberish tune.

At least if they wanted to get rid of Spikiri, they could have ran a competition for young producers to create a theme tune for them!

Another blunder, when they were celebrating their 20th anniversary their long time actors like Sello Maake ka Ncube aka Archie and actresses like Connie Ferguson aka Karabo were not present at all.

Another foolishness, the baby scene has been just one of their biggest flops! So a baby just pops up from nowhere? You decide to inform the viewers after a hell of confusion(s)? Katlego Danke aka Dineo should have stolen that baby to save her marriage with Melusi Yeni aka Phenyo.

Bab' Mfundi the tune is boring and it's aging like you already! Please change that nonsense and bring us something fresh! Please hear and respect our honest criticism this time... Make it an element of growing-up because you never took criticism from your viewers seriously!

Kindly don't ignore what your viewers are saying on social media!

I will hold it here! I am SORRY Baba but you can take a heart attack if you want to!

LOL talking about creating a theme tune for funeral announcements! Hahaha! What a reminder of "Abakwazidenge"

By @BuchuleB

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