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Monday, May 20, 2013

It was so unprofessional of Randall to address Penny like a piece of trash from Alex Township!

I never thought Penny Lebyane was a human after she picked holes in Bonang Matheba's decision of dropping charges against DJ Euphonik - until recently when I saw an article in one of Mzansi's leading Tabloid newspapers, Sunday Sun.

She went to cry in the paper about how she got a fly-kick boot out of the MTN SAMA 19 as a presenter, sad enough, but now I fully comprehend she's a human too and does not need to be treated like trash by Randall Abrahams.

Dear "D-Headed" Randall

I am well and I trust this finds you well too because I am going to send you the link @MTNSAMA!

It was so unprofessional of you to address Penny (MTN SAMA 19) like a piece of trash from Alex Township, you need to understand that you're NOT the God of the industry and the sooner you understand that, well, you know that people have emotions and that must be respected!

How can you embarrass and humiliate Penny like that? How does it make you feel when fellow industry people whisper about Penny's boot? How would you feel if that was done to you? Every journey ends with what we call a destination and yours too shall come to light!

The Sunday Sun reported that at one stage Glen Lewis did not know what to say because the auto-cue still had Penny's lines - this greatly proves how unprofessional and amateur you are.

According to the reports you told Penny she failed to follow the script? What script? Did you afford her the opportunity to explain why? Being a D-headed you clearly just gave the poor Motswako presenter a hot boot on the chest...

Penny explained why she did not follow the script and it was to save you a*s - "I was co-hosting with Ben Moitstsapo the night before (Friday), who is short-sighted. At times I had to use my own words because he couldn't see the auto-cue clearly." as quoted by the Sunday Sun.

A question to you MR Abrahams - Did Penny change the meaning of the script by using her own words? It isn't allowed to play around with your lines as long as you are not going to change the meaning?

"I stuck to the words on the auto-cue for the rest of the presentation as much as possible. So I was shocked when Randall gave me the boot at the last minute!" said Penny when she was crying at the Tabloid about her humiliation.

Penny is not perfect if you're and she's only human - you should have addressed her like a human being and not embarrass her like that.

"...Yes it was very hurtful..." said Penny in an interview with Sunday Sun... How can it not be painful?

The SAMA CEO Nhlanhla Sibisi was quoted as saying, "I am aware of the incident and I am still gathering facts..." what FACTS do you still need? How long will it take to get those facts?

Simply put: You guys are causing an embarrassment to the MTN brand as a whole and they should re-consider hiring mindful people who can handle human issues with dignity and respect...

By Buchule Raba |  GoXtra News - Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

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